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Hilliard police officer resigns during internal investigation


A 10-year-veteran of the Hilliard Division of Police resigned prior to the findings of an internal investigation into alleged sexual conduct while on duty.

Police Chief Doug Francis announced in a Jan. 10 press release the police division had accepted the “voluntary resignation” of David M. Burck, one of department’s three K9 handlers.

Burck had been the subject of an internal administrative investigation since Oct. 24, 2013.

During the investigation, Burck admitted to engaging in sexual conduct while on duty, according to the press release.

“Following this admission, Burck made the voluntary decision to separate from his employment with the city of Hilliard,” Francis wrote in the release.

As a result of Burck’s resignation, the investigation has ceased and any administrative findings are “considered moot,” Francis said.

The investigation determined there were no findings to warrant any criminal charges in the case, Francis said.

According to an Oct. 17, 2013 report from Hilliard Lt. Ron Clark to Francis, a confidential source told Clark that Burck had sexual contact with a woman at a city park in Hilliard. Burck was on duty at the time, the source said.

Clark also discovered Burck had arrested the woman for assault in October 2009.

Text messages between Burck and the woman, provided to Clark by the source, did not suggest any criminal activity or violations of the law, but could be considered a violation of department policies, Clark wrote in the Oct. 17 report that preceded the internal investigation.

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