At Hilliard City Schools, we are focused on ensuring that every student is ready for tomorrow.

At Hilliard City Schools, we are focused on ensuring that every student is ready for tomorrow.

Because we receive 63 percent of our total revenue for day-to-day operations from the local level, this means that we must also listen to our community and ensure a fiscally responsible budget, as well as a good value to our taxpayers.

Thanks to our continued practice of stretching every dollar possible and great community partnerships, we are leading the way in education while also being good stewards of the public dollar. This is how we not only met the 2011 operating levy promise of three fiscal years, but we've been able to extend it to at least 2015.

We are preparing students for a world that is rapidly changing. Unfortunately, our nation's public schools as a whole have been very slow to change.

Our classrooms of today are preparing students for a much different workforce tomorrow. Many of the jobs today's students will one day hold do not yet exist. The specific skills that are required for tomorrow's jobs may not even yet be identified. We must teach our students to be persistent, to continually seek to master new skills and to be self-motivated.

The McVey Innovative Learning Center is a great example of how Hilliard provides great value to our community. The personalized approach to education creates the opportunities today our students need to be ready for the workforce of tomorrow.

This center is the only one of its kind and is empowering students to take ownership of their education. It offers new opportunities by reallocating space.

Innovation is working differently; innovation shifts resources and refocuses energy. District officials continually seek improvement; we seek opportunities to increase the educational value you provide our students.

We used this same approach with the creation of our online learning options. Today's students have different styles of learning. Most colleges and universities offer online courses and workplaces are offering more and more online trainings and professional development opportunities.

Today's students must become comfortable learning in an online environment. Hilliard officials have used the talents of our existing staff to create more than 55 online courses. These opportunities not only meet the high standards that are a hallmark of a Hilliard City Schools education, but they were developed in a cost-effective manner.

We also are transparent in our finances. Simply by visiting the district's website at hilliard, you can view several important financial reports, including the 2013 popular annual financial report; the 2013-14 budget report; the 2013 comprehensive annual financial report; and the five-year forecast.

We recently hosted an online lunch with the superintendent in which Treasurer Brian Wilson joined the discussion and addressed questions from residents about district finances. You may view the video of this session on

We also have committed to public conversations about district finances in 2014 before decisions about future financial needs would be necessary in 2015. Our goal is to communicate effectively and efficiently with every parent and resident in the district. This not only builds our partnership, but it inspires confidence in our strong fiscal management.

We know that none of this is possible without the consistent backing from our community. We are grateful for your continued support as we work together to provide a good value for our taxpayers while also meeting our mission of ensuring every student is ready for tomorrow.

Your investment is an investment in the future, ensuring that the next generation of American leaders will have the skills necessary to be successful.

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