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Annual report

Fire department's calls decreased in 2013


Service calls to the Norwich Township Fire Department decreased last year compared with 2012, according to the fire department's annual report.

Norwich Township responded to 929 fire-alarm calls and 3,811 emergency-medical service calls, for a total of 4,740 calls.

In 2012, Norwich responded to 994 fire alarms and 4,015 EMS calls for a total of 5,009 calls, according to the report.

In 2013, a majority of service calls were to the city of Hilliard.

Of the 929 fire-alarm calls last year, 513, or 55 percent, were in Hilliard. Mutual aid represented 338 calls, or 36 percent.

Norwich Township accounted for 47 calls, or 5 percent; and Brown Township accounted for 42 calls, or about 4 percent.

Of the 3,811 EMS calls last year, 2,935, or 77 percent, were in Hilliard. Mutual aid accounted for 502 calls, or 13 percent.

Norwich Township represented 222 calls, or 6 percent, and Brown Township had 152 service calls, or 4 percent.

Looking at mutual aid, Norwich Township most often assisted the Columbus Division of Fire, accounting for about 60 percent of mutual aid.

Washington and Prairie townships were the next most-assisted agencies.

Norwich Township medics transported a majority of the patients treated to area hospitals.

Norwich Township responded to 3,811 EMS calls in 2013 and treated 3,852 patients. Of this amount, 2,317, or 60 percent, were transported to a hospital.

May was the busiest month last year, Sunday the busiest day and noon to 12:30 p.m. the busiest time of the day, according to the annual report.

Norwich Township medics drove a total of 71,238 miles last year; engine and ladder trucks registered 26,939 miles.