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Hilliard police identify pattern in series of daytime burglaries


A string of late-afternoon break-ins is believed to be connected and could have been carried out by experienced burglars, according to the Hilliard Division of Police.

Police say six burglaries in the past month have had similar patterns.

"And that's a lot for us," Hilliard Sgt. Curtis Baker said.

The burglaries occurred between 3 and 7 p.m. weekdays, later than the usual times for daytime break-ins, Baker said.

In each instance, a back window or door was forced open.

It is believed the culprits are knocking on doors to determine if anyone is home. If someone opens the door, the suspect will claim to be a salesperson or ask for an individual who does not live there and claim to be mistaken, police said. They might also claim to be lost.

If residents encounter such suspicious activity, they should call Hilliard police at 614-876-7321, or 911 if necessary.

Among the reported burglaries is one that occurred March 1 at a residence in the 1700 block of Hickory Hill Drive in Norwich Township. Jewelry worth $4,460 was stolen and a duffel bag also was reported missing.

"The suspect is targeting jewelry," Baker said.

The suspects also take a duffel bag or pillowcase to conceal the jewelry or other property, decreasing the chances of appearing suspicious, Baker said.

The burglaries have occurred throughout police division's patrol area: three in the northeast, two in the southwest and one in the southeast.

"The pattern seems to indicate we are dealing with a suspect in a vehicle," Baker said, adding that on-foot burglaries often result in a greater concentration of locations.

The method of entry and the theft of jewelry, easily sold and melted, also indicates the suspect is not new to the crime, Baker said.