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Hilliard fourth-grader

Aspiring actress learns from cable TV role


Few 10-year-old actresses can claim appearances in more than a dozen commercials, a starring role in an independently produced film and a myriad of pageant titles.

Kaleigh Loughridge, a fourth-grade student at Alton Darby Elementary School in Hilliard, has done all this and more.

Most recently, Kaleigh spent one week filming in Pittsburgh for a new A&E drama, Those Who Kill, a series about serial killers adapted from a Danish TV show. Chloe Sevigny starts in the crime drama.

Kaleigh appears in two episodes that have not aired.

"I've never experienced anything like that before," Kaleigh said. "It was so different than commercials."

During filming in October 2013, Kaleigh had a bodyguard and a stand-in double.

"Everywhere I went, someone was on a radio saying, 'Kaleigh is headed to base camp,' or, 'Kaleigh is going to lunch,' " she said. "I was treated like every other actor (on the set)."

She said the delivery of the script also was a radical departure from her experience in commercials. The show used many scripts and it was not uncommon for lines to be added, dropped or changed moments before filming a scene, Kaleigh said.

"They told me don't worry about memorization, we'll tell you what to do," she said.

Danyele Loughridge, Kaleigh's mother, said she was somewhat surprised at all the last-minute editing, as was Kaleigh.

"I didn't know how TV worked. I thought everything was memorized ... like my commercials," Kaleigh said.

Kaleigh was selected for Those Who Kill by a casting director who viewed her videotaped performance. She was directed to "pray as if she were scared."

She learned later it was for a scene in the two-part, two-hour episode in which she appears.

The pilot of the A&E series premiered March 3, followed by a second episode March 10, but A&E suspended the airing of other episodes until it could identify an alternate time slot to air the eight remaining episodes, said Alexis Martinez, a spokeswoman for A&E.

Beverly Loughridge, Kaleigh's grandmother, said she was disappointed Kaleigh's episodes are delayed but is hopeful they will air.

Meanwhile, Kaleigh attends auditions, at least one every other week, arranged through her talent agency, PCG Talent.

"I want to be a singer and an actor," said Kaleigh, who added she plans to pursue both in high school and college.

"I enjoy singing and acting ... and hope it's something I can keep doing," she said.

Selena Gomez is among the actors and singers she admires.

"She has inspired me to be myself and shine," Kaleigh said.

Kaleigh, who lives with her family in Hilliard, has appeared in 13 commercials, including those for Value City Furniture, Safe Auto, Skyline Chili and COSI.

In 2012, she was the Franklin County Fair Idol winner and has won other vocal contests modeled after the TV show, American Idol.

Kaleigh also is active in 4-H and horseback riding, and she takes guitar and piano lessons.

Last year, Kaleigh also appeared as the lead actress in Mister Stitches, an independent made-for-DVD film directed by Michael J. Smith and filmed in Fairfield County.