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Hilliard schools unaffected by state's calamity-day bill


The Hilliard school district has called six calamity days this year -- one in excess of the five calamity allotted by state law, and fewer than many Ohio districts.

That means the district currently is unaffected by Ohio House Bill 416, which Gov. John Kasich signed last week to grant four additional calamity days to districts that already must make up at least four days.

The additional days would be granted only to school districts that have used at least nine calamity days and have a plan to make up the days not eligible for exemption.

The new law, applicable only to the current school year, does not affect Hilliard schools because the district recovered the sixth day with a blizzard bag and has two more days it could make up with the program, said Amanda Morris, a spokeswoman for Hilliard schools.

The state's blizzard-bag program allows districts to make up a maximum of three days by sending home assignments or posting them online for students to complete and return to teachers.

Even though Hilliard is not affected by the bill, Morris acknowledged the significance of the law for the districts that need it and as a contingency in the event Hilliard had needed it.

"We are pleased that the governor and the state legislators listened to our concerns and addressed this unusual winter. While we don't need to rely on the new law, it is nice to know there was a plan B available to us if we needed it," Morris said.