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Cemetery Road to be repaved a year early


Hilliard officials plan to resurface Cemetery Road from Leap Road to Interstate 270 a year early.

The $650,000 resurfacing project was planned as a capital-improvements project for 2015, but because of the past winter, the city opted to do the work one year sooner, Service Director Butch Seidle said.

"It's pretty far gone," Seidle said of the road leading into the city from I-270.

A $325,000 appropriation from the Franklin County Engineer's Office -- derived from licensing and registration fees for motor vehicles in Franklin County -- will pay half the estimated cost.

The remainder will come from the city's capital-improvements budget.

An ordinance appropriating the required funds is scheduled for a third and final reading at the April 28 meeting of Hilliard City Council.

Hilliard officials have yet to advertise for bids for the project, but the work is expected to begin this summer. It likely will involve overnight work and shifting two-way traffic onto one side of the four-lane road, Seidle said.

Another benefit to the resurfacing project will be the opportunity to install cameras instead of loop detectors as part of the project.

Currently, loop detectors are embedded in the pavement to cycle traffic-light sequences regardless of whether a vehicle is approaching, Seidle said.

When it was discovered that the cost to replace the loop detectors was about the same as installing cameras on mast arms, the decision was a "no-brainer," Seidle said.

By using cameras, traffic lights on Cemetery Road will remain green until a vehicle approaches from a side street or enters a left turn lane, rather than changing at timed intervals.