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Station Park will be rebid


Construction of Hilliard's Station Park likely will not be complete until next year.

Hilliard City Council , at the request of the administration, on April 14 withdrew legislation authorizing a contract for the construction of the park.

Service Director Butch Seidle said the city rejected both bids received for the project and will restart the process of advertising, receiving and opening bids.

The city opened two bids March 13.

Roberts Construction Services bid $4,617,000 and R.W. Setterlin Building Co. bid $4,690,000.

City officials considered the latter bid the "lowest and best bid." They prepared a contract resolution awarding the project to Setterlin and authorizing the expenditure, but asked for it to be withdrawn April 14.

Both bids were within 10 percent of the city's OHM Advisors design team's estimate of $4.3 million and could have been awarded, but the city opted to advertise and rebid the project, Seidle said.

"It won't be finished until next year," Seidle said.

Hilliard's Station Park will be built at the corner of Main and Center streets, opposite First Responders Park.

While First Responders Park is a memorial, Hilliard's Station Park will be designed for public concerts, farmers markets and community events.

The name of the park will recognize the city's founder, John Reed Hilliard, and the city's origins as the "Hilliard's Station" railroad stop.

Hilliard has set aside $5 million from its capital-improvement projects budget and recently received a $500,000 grant from Gov. John Kasich's capital-budget bill for 2015-16 to be used for the park.