Local Waste Services plans to switch its service day from Tuesday to Wednesday for the approximately 1,450 Norwich Township households it serves.

Local Waste Services plans to switch its service day from Tuesday to Wednesday for the approximately 1,450 Norwich Township households it serves.

Eric DeHays, a business developer for Local Waste Services, informed trustees of the probable change, effective July 1, at their May 6 meeting.

DeHays said the switch is necessary because Local Waste Services was awarded a five-year contract with Hilliard, also effective July 1, that includes Tuesday pickups for all residents.

Trustees Chuck Buck and Larry Earman said residents likely would not welcome the change, asked whether the contract allowed Local Waste Services to make the change and criticized DeHays for not informing trustees sooner.

DeHays said May 8 was the first Norwich Township trustees meeting since Hilliard City Council approved the contract with Local Waste Services on April 14.

The trustees met April 15.

The trustees did not question whether or not it was the first meeting since Hilliard's approval but criticized DeHays for not using alternative methods of communication.

"We have cellphones, we have email (and) our offices are open every day from 8 to 4. ... When we read in the paper first (of the new contract with Hilliard), that's not a good thing," Buck said.

Buck asked if the contract allowed Local Waste to change service days.

"If so, there isn't much we can do about it then," Buck said.

Norwich Township Administrator Kate Cavanaugh said the contract refers to "collection day" without specifying a day.

However, according to Cavanaugh, the contract says the "contractor shall not change day of collection day without written approval from trustees."

Cavanaugh said she was trying to determine from the contract what would happen if the trustees refuse to give written approval.

DeHays said Local Waste Services does not have the equipment or personnel to continue servicing Norwich Township on Tuesdays after it agreed to provide services to Hilliard the same day.

"It just doesn't make sense to me," Earman said. "How does it make sense to collect in and around the area all day on Tuesday (and then) return the next day?"

The township households are primarily east of Interstate 270 and are bounded the Scioto River, Earman said. The Timberbrook subdivision near the southwestern area of Hilliard also is included, he said.

Logistically, DeHays said, Local Waste Services determined it would be the most efficient solution.

"We've had to shuffle a few things around (after contracting with Hilliard)," DeHays said. "But we've changed pickup dates (in mid-contract) in communities before and it's always gone smoothly."

DeHays said he would place temporary signs at intersections announcing the change.

"If I have to, I'll go to every door and leave a hanger," DeHays told trustees.

The trustees said they did not favor a change in pickup days.

"Tuesday is a good day," Buck said. "It's one day after the weekend and residents don't have to wait another day to get rid of trash from the weekend."

"You can see what our residents think, but I don't think they will be happy," Earman said.

Trustees instructed DeHays to revisit the issue with company officials to determine if they could continue service on Tuesdays.

DeHays said he would, as well as review the company's contract with the township, and return to the next regularly scheduled Norwich Township meeting May 20.