Hilliard Northwest News

Summer street repairs estimated at $1.4 million


Cemetery Road between Leap Road and Interstate 270 will be among the roads in Hilliard to be improved this summer.

An ordinance authorizing and funding the street maintenance and rehabilitation program was introduced May 12 by Hilliard City Council's city planning, projects and services committee.

A contract has yet to be awarded but the city engineers' estimate for the 2014 program is $1.4 million.

Projects include: Cemetery Road from Leap Road to I-270; Darby Glen Boulevard from Scioto Darby Road to Vintage Woods Drive; Earman Drive from Darby Glen Boulevard to Swenson Street; Grandon Drive from Elmwood Drive to Mengel Lane; Mossrock Drive from Boathouse Drive to Dayspring Drive; River Run Drive from Pleasantbrook Drive to Davidson Road; Packard Drive from Dexter Avenue to Winterringer Street; Mark Twain Drive from Vicksburg Lane to Dublin Road; and Stellar Drive from Scioto Run Drive to the northern city limits.

In other business at the May 12 committee meeting, a resolution was introduced modifying the planned-unit development proposal for Landmark Lofts.

The resolution combines two formerly separate PUD plans into one.

Late last year, Hilliard City Council approved a PUD for 5.81 acres. An agreement was later reached for Sunbelt Rentals to relocate from Cemetery Road to Parkway Lane and council members approved a PUD plan for 0.6 acre.

The number of proposed apartments at Landmark Lofts will increase from 181 to 206, City Planner John Talentino said.

Landmark Lofts also will include 17,000 square feet of retail and commercial uses.