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Glenmont land

F2 submits plans for 176 apartments


Hilliard City Council members are poised to accept a developer's agreement with F2, a company proposing to build 176 apartments on 13 acres purchased from the Glenmont Christian Science nursing home at 4599 Avery Road.

"It's consistent with everything we've discussed," Mayor Don Schonhardt said at the June 9 meeting of the city planning, projects and services committee.

Glenmont has an application to divide its lot on the planning and zoning commission's June 12 agenda and also has an application for a required variance on the board of zoning appeals' June 19 schedule.

Both measures are expected to pass, Law Director Tracy Bradford said.

The ordinance for the development agreement was introduced and received a first reading June 9 by City Council.

It is scheduled for a second reading and public hearing June 23, at which time the required lot split and variance are expected to be approved.

Glenmont's 19-acre plot has been zoned for a nursing home and multifamily housing since 1982.

Earlier this year, Glenmont officials announced their intentions to sell 13 acres to F2 for the development of 176 multifamily residences.

Glenmont would maintain 5.5 acres, including 35 existing single-family units. It also would convey to the city a farmhouse on 0.6 acre that city officials plan to convert into a public use.

The multifamily development would be the first for F2, a new company headed by Ted Foster, a multifamily developer for Casto, and Mike Fite, who designed student housing for Edwards Land Co.

Schonhardt said developer's agreements are typically the domain of new planned-unit developments.

While the proper zoning was already in place for F2 to build without the need for an agreement, the city and F2 still crafted an agreement to spell out expectations, Schonhardt said.

"The dedication of rights of way, the donation of the farmhouse and some of the architectural elements we want" are addressed in the agreement, Schonhardt said.

David Hodge, an attorney from Smith and Hale representing F2, said once the lot split and variance is approved and the developer's agreement ratified, F2 would seek the necessary permits to begin construction.

"As the weather permits, we will get (construction) underway," Hodge said.

In other committee business June 9, City Council members accepted an ordinance authorizing Service Director Butch Seidle to enter into a contract with 2K General Co. to construct Hilliard's Station Park.

City Council members in April withdrew legislation authorizing a contract at the request of the city administration.

The request to withdraw was because of discrepancies in the bid summary that differed from the reconciled schedules of values two contractors -- Robertson Construction Services and Setterlin Building Co. -- had submitted, Seidle said.

The bids were within 10 percent of the city's estimate of $4.3 million and could have been awarded, but, Seidle said, the city opted to rebid the project.

The city engineer issued a revised estimate of $4.4 million for the rebid and the city accepted a bid of $4.55 million to build Hilliard's Station Park at Center and Main streets in Old Hilliard.

The bid is about $67,000 less than the previous best bid of $4.62 million from Robertson, which did not rebid for the project.

The ordinance approving the contract is scheduled for introduction and a first reading June 23 by City Council.

Seidle said a pre-construction meeting is scheduled for July.

"We can still get a lot done this year ... but it won't be finished until July 2015," Seidle said.