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City Council

$4.55M Station Park bid awarded

Delivery of new recycling, trash bins also completed


Construction of Hilliard's Station Park will begin this summer and is expected to be completed by July 30, 2015, according to Hilliard Service Director Butch Seidle.

City Council members adopted a resolution June 23 authorizing Seidle to contract with 2K General Co. for construction of the park.

The awarded bid was $4.55 million.

The project was delayed several weeks after the city was required to rebid the contract.

In April, the city withdrew legislation authorizing the contract because of discrepancies in the bid summary from the reconciled schedules of values both contractors under consideration had submitted, Seidle said.

Four companies submitted bids on the city's second request, Seidle said.

Two could not be considered because they were greater than 10 percent in excess of the city engineers' estimate of $4.4 million, Seidle said.

Hilliard's Station Park will be at the corner of Main and Center streets, opposite First Responders Park.

The park will recognize the city's founder, John Reed Hilliard, and its origins as a railroad stop known as Hilliard's Station upon its founding in 1853.

In other business June 23, Seidle reported the deployment of about 19,000 pairs of 65-gallon solid-waste and recycling receptacles to single-family residences and condominiums in Hilliard was complete.

Hilliard officials purchased the uniform city-marked containers in conjunction with the city's new five-year contract with Local Waste Services for solid-waste disposal and recycling. The contract begins July 1.

Seidle said Rumpke, with which Hilliard is parting ways, would provide its last day of service June 26.

Rumpke is expected to collect its red company-marked recycling bins and any leased solid-waste containers by June 26, Seidle said.