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Norwich, Hilliard would pay more

Both Norwich Township and Hilliard would be affected if Franklin County Public Health approves a proposed $2 per-capita rate increase the board will consider Aug. 12.

Franklin County Public Health commissioner Susan Tilgner attended the July 1 meeting of the Norwich Township Board of Trustees to explain the potential increase. Trustees did not take action or comment on the request at the meeting.

Norwich Township currently pays Franklin County Public Health $28,000 a year for services. If the increase is approved, the township would pay about $37,000 annually, which would divert $9,000 in property tax funding from other township expenses such as roads and cemetery maintenance.

The township receives 1.5 mills of property taxes, which in 2013 brought in $1,260,000 -- 56 percent of general fund revenue.

Trustees' Chairman Larry Earman said the township would use its cash reserve if necessary to cover any budget deficit the increase might cause. He declined to comment on whether township officials considered the proposal reasonable.

Tilgner said she met individually with Hilliard officials to discuss the issue.

The $2 per-capita change would raise the annual cost of the city's contract by $55,000 to $60,000, according to Hilliard Finance Director Dave Delande. The city is paying $176,359 to Franklin County Public Health in 2014, Tilgner said.

—Kevin Corvo