The Hilliard Bradley High School boys and girls bowling teams continue to make strides in their second season.

The Hilliard Bradley High School boys and girls bowling teams continue to make strides in their second season.

With the regular season winding down, the Jaguars have hopes of qualifying their first bowlers to the state tournament, which will be March 4-5 at Wayne Webb's Columbus Bowl.

The top three teams and top three individuals not on a qualifying team from both the boys and girls district tournaments qualify for state.

The district tournaments will be Feb. 26 at High Performances Lanes.

The sectional tournaments will held Feb. 18 at Eastland Lanes, Tiki Lanes and Wayne Webb's Columbus Bowl. The sectional draw meeting will be Feb. 6.

"I'd like to see the teams make it to state this year," coach John Thompson said. "I think they're capable of it. We just have to show up and bowl like we're capable of bowling."

The boys team was 7-3 overall and 5-2 in the Central Ohio High School Bowling Conference North Division before battling Jonathan Alder on Jan. 25.

Entering the week, Westerville Central and Westerville South were both 8-0 in the conference and and Jonathan Alder was 6-0.

Senior R.C. Locke, who was the boys team's top performer last year in the postseason, is again leading Bradley.

Locke, who was 49th (589 series) at district last season, had a 193 game average through 10 matches. He had a season-high 267 game in a 2,063-1,586 win over Olentangy Liberty on Jan. 3.

"R.C. has done what we have expected him to do this year," Thompson said. "He's one of the captains. Things are going well and he continually improves. He's dedicated to his bowling and he knows what he has to do."

"I've been practicing every day since my freshman year, so hard work pays off, I guess," Locke said.

There has been solid competition for the second spot on the team, as seniors Andy Lomax and Lyman Patee each had a 166 average through 10 matches. Junior Matt Hundley had a 160 average.

Thompson and Locke called wins over Hilliard Darby and Hilliard Davidson highlights of the season. Bradley defeated the Panthers 2,115-1,991 on Dec. 6 and beat the Wildcats 2,038-1,867 on Dec. 13.

"As a senior, I came from Darby, so I know a lot of kids on the Darby team," said Locke, who transferred from Darby following his sophomore year. "I also played soccer with some kids on the Davidson team. It feels good to beat them."

The girls team has been boosted by the return of junior Alicia Wolfe from shoulder surgery to her non-throwing left arm. Through eight matches, she had a team-high 137 average.

Junior Kahla Patee had a 133 average through eight matches and senior Tayler Young had a 130 average.

"We don't have as high an average as some of the other teams in the district, but we're competitive," Thompson said. "They put it on the line every night when they bowl. They all want to do their best and score their best."

The Jaguars split matches with the other Hilliard programs, defeating Davidson 1,402-1,294 on Dec. 13 and losing to Darby 1,400-1,362 on Dec. 6.

•The Darby boys team has received several solid efforts, led by four underclassmen.

Sophomore Andrew Clute had a team-high 181 average through 11 matches, followed by junior Zach Moore (178), sophomore Aaron Wurdack (159), junior Eric Bennett (155) and senior Tim Gerdel (155).

Junior Tyler Kohli (130) and senior Cassie Hansford (128) have been the top scorers on the girls team.

"There have been some close matches that I wish we could have pulled out, because there were things that we could have done a little bit better," coach Bob Clute said. "Overall, we've won the ones that we expected to win and lost some ones that we didn't expect to lose."

• Davidson continues to show improvement under first-year head coach Adrian Jasinski.

Senior Jacob Costin, who has the most varsity experience on the boys team, led the Wildcats with a 187 average through 10 matches.

Senior Jeremy Wisecarver was second with a 167 average, followed by senior Sam Coughlin (156) and sophomore Ryan Bremer (155).

Junior Sheri Klatt led the girls team with a 120 average, followed by junior Jessica Stevenson (116) and senior Megan Gilliland (106).

"The kids are pretty excited about learning and getting better," Jasinski said. "I've never seen a bunch of kids so ecstatic about bowling, but I'm glad to see it because it gives me a lot of ambition and drive to coach them and teach them."


Below are the recent results and coming schedules for the Bradley, Darby and Davidson bowling teams:


*Jan. 18 - Boys: Lost to Westerville South 2,152-1,888; Girls: Lost to South 1,825-1,471

*Jan. 25 - Competed against Jonathan Alder

*Jan. 26 - Competed against Olentangy

*Jan. 28 - Olentangy Orange at Sequoia Lanes

*Feb. 1 - Westerville Central at Palace Lanes

Of note: The boys were 7-3 overall and 5-3 in the COHSBC-North and the girls were 4-4 overall and 3-3 in the COHSBC-North before Jan. 25.


*Jan. 18 - Boys: Defeated Thomas Worthington 1,936-1,746

*Jan. 24 - Boys: Lost to Big Walnut 2,177-1,902; Girls: Def. Big Walnut 1,321-1,179

*Jan. 25 - Competed against Olentangy Liberty

*Jan. 27 - Westerville North at Capri Lanes

*Jan. 31 - Worthington Christian at Ten Pin Alley

*Feb. 1 - Davidson at Ten Pin

Of note: The boys were 5-7 overall and 2-7 in the COHSBC-North and the girls were 3-7 overall and 2-5 in the COHSBC-North before Jan. 25.


*Jan. 18 - Boys: Lost to Gahanna 2,000-1,655; Girls: Lost to Gahanna 1,831-1,230

*Jan. 24 - Boys: Lost to Westerville North 2,017-1,777; Girls: Lost to North 1,525-1,283

*Jan. 28 - Thomas Worthington at Capri Lanes

*Feb. 1 - Darby at Ten Pin

Of note: The boys are 2-8 in the COHSBC-North and the girls are 1-7 in the COHSBC-North.

*COHSBC-North match