One got paddled in school, the other didn't. The guy from Cleveland wants to banish Cleveland Indians mascot Chief Wahoo, while the guy who went to Ohio State University lists his favorite athlete as a dude who played for Pittsburgh.

One got paddled in school, the other didn’t.

The guy from Cleveland wants to banish Cleveland Indians mascot Chief Wahoo, while the guy who went to Ohio State University lists his favorite athlete as a dude who played for Pittsburgh.

Neither wanted to share his best golf or bowling scores. Neither has done much, if any, hunting. But both have read the Bible from cover to cover.

No, these are not the most pressing issues of the 2014 gubernatorial campaign. But the set of 25 questions that Gov. John Kasich and Democratic challenger Ed FitzGerald were given a week to answer are designed to shed light on each candidate that standard questionnaires won’t reveal. (Such as their timeliness, for one: Kasich’s responses were a day late; FitzGerald was two days tardy.)

From 1998 on, the major-party candidates for governor have answered the sometimes-wacky questions for The Dispatch. Past years have provided gems such as that Gov. Bob Taft had a hard time making up his mind — he changed about a quarter of his answers, including his best golf score and his favorite president; the revelation that former Attorney General Lee Fisher put his feet on the furniture; and the fact that Gov. Ted Strickland dyed his hair.

Kasich got in a less-than-subtle shot at FitzGerald when asked the best thing about the Democratic candidate, aside from his family. “His fundraising ability,” said Kasich — who has raised four times as much campaign cash as the Cuyahoga County executive.

FitzGerald’s dig was at this publication; he listed “reading The Dispatch” as the habit he is trying to break.

Here are their answers:

1. Should Pete Rose be in the baseball Hall of Fame?

FitzGerald: Not if it takes a spot from the Indians

Kasich: He deserved punishment, has been punished enough, and now baseball should let up and move on.

2. How did you and your wife celebrate your last wedding anniversary?

FitzGerald: Dinner out in Lakewood

Kasich: That’s personal

3. Favorite movie, actor, actress?

FitzGerald: L.A. Confidential, Eva Green, Daniel Craig

Kasich: School of Rock and Christmas Vacation (Did not answer actor/actress question)

4. Favorite book, author?

FitzGerald: Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin

Kasich: Christian Perfection by Father Francois Fenelon

5. What are you reading these days?

FitzGerald: Mostly emails, and occasionally Bully Pulpit by Doris Kearns Goodwin

Kasich: Soon to be reading The Book Thief, which is a recommendation from one of my daughters

6. Favorite athlete?

FitzGerald: LeBron James

Kasich: Roberto Clemente

7. Best golf/bowling score?

FitzGerald: I bowl my age, unfortunately.

Kasich: I’m too embarrassed to say.

8. Do you like dogs or cats better?

FitzGerald: Dogs

Kasich: Dogs

9. What did you want to be growing up?

FitzGerald: A county executive or an astronaut. It was a hard choice.

Kasich: A baseball player or priest

10. How can your kids annoy you the most?

FitzGerald: By pointing out the ways I annoy them

Kasich: Not laughing at my many great, hilarious jokes

11. Do you text?

FitzGerald: Yes

Kasich: Not much. I prefer picking up the phone and calling someone.

12. Have you read the Bible from cover to cover?

FitzGerald: Yes

Kasich: Yes

13. Who was the greatest president in U.S. history?

FitzGerald: Abraham Lincoln

Kasich: George Washington

14. What habit are you trying to break?

FitzGerald: Reading The Dispatch

Kasich: Continuing to avoid doing core workouts at the gym

15. What’s the prettiest place in Ohio?

FitzGerald: Lakewood

Kasich: The view of my backyard from my porch after a hard day’s work

16. What’s the best thing about your opponent (aside from his family)?

FitzGerald: Musical taste

Kasich: His fundraising ability

17. Favorite alcoholic beverage?

FitzGerald: Burning River from Great Lakes Brewery

Kasich: Red wine

18. Have you ever gone hunting — for what — did you get any?

FitzGerald: No

Kasich: I’m more of a fishing guy.

19. When they make a movie about you, which actor should play you and what would be the title?

FitzGerald: Title: With a Capital “G”; Actor: Tom Hanks

Kasich: Harrison Ford — How To Answer Goofy Media Questionnaires without Losing Your Mind

20. Should Chief Wahoo be banished?

FitzGerald: Yes

Kasich: Of course not

21. What is the most unusual/exotic thing you’ve eaten?

FitzGerald: Wild boar

Kasich: Having been on the Republican Party rubber-chicken dinner circuit for many years, I have to say I’ve lost track.

22. Did you ever receive corporal punishment in school — for what?

FitzGerald: No

Kasich: I got paddled in the 5th grade for talking to a girl.

23. Is there intelligent life elsewhere in our galaxy?

FitzGerald: I’m continuing to look for intelligent life in politics.

Kasich: Of course. Where do you think (my policy director) Wayne Struble came from?

24. Is Earth warming due primarily to climate change caused by humans?

FitzGerald: Yes

Kasich: I’m concerned about climate change, and human factors have to be considered.

25. With whom would you rather have lunch: Woody Hayes, Thomas Jefferson or Mother Teresa?

FitzGerald: Mother Teresa

Kasich: I’m an OSU grad. Woody. Duh!