To the editor:

To the editor:

This is a huge thank-you to Johnstown!

We had an incredibly successful first-ever Relay for Life event to benefit the American Cancer Society. An event of this magnitude would not be possible if it were not for the tireless and dedicated efforts of so many people - the committee heads, area businesses who gave so generously (a special shout-out goes to John Knoepfler of Digital Impression, who kept donating his copy and printing services as we needed it over the past year) and the team captains who made it such a memorable event.

This event was about fighting cancer: about celebrating and honoring our heroes: cancer survivors who bring hope to those who may be newly diagnosed; about remembering those we've lost to cancer for whom we take up the fight; and about finding a cure so that none of our loved ones will ever be lost to cancer.

There is really no way to describe this event except to experience it. This is why it is especially poignant to us that it went so well, because a lot of the committee members had never been to a Relay event before. Yet their vision of what they wanted to accomplish was manifested in so many different ways.

Our first Relay captured the passion, determination, and devotion of those who want to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients and survivors everywhere. This is a global movement in which we are now proud partners.

Final numbers aren't in, but we are almost at $27,000 with funds still coming in. We've always known Johnstown has a big heart, with compassionate and giving community members, but this outpouring of support speaks volumes. There's talk of "what we're doing next year," and so we may say that this firmly establishes Relay for Life in Johnstown. This would effectively include Alexandria, Homer and Croton.

How about it... are we up to the challenge?

Patch Wetzel, development chair

Mary Wiswell, event chair

Johnstown Relay for Life