The Johnstown-Monroe Board of Education on June 17named first-grade teacher Marcie Wilson principal of Oregon Elementary School.

The Johnstown-Monroe Board of Education on June 17named first-grade teacher Marcie Wilson principal of Oregon Elementary School.

Also at that meeting, the board named Nicholas McIlwain as the district's new athletics director and assistant principal.

Superintendent Damien Bawn said Wilson had been teaching for 19 years and is well known locally.

"I've had a number of parents calling, thrilled that she will be the principal," Bawn said. "I'm definitely looking forward to working with her on the administrative team."

Wilson succeeds Linda Brobeck, who is retiring.

Wilson has been coming into the school in June, even though her administration contract does not start until Aug. 1. Principals work by contract about 30 days longer than teachers, and central office administrators work year round, Bawn said.

Among Wilson's activities has been participation in the district's Race to the Top committee.

"She has a pretty good handle on how things are going on from a management standpoint," Bawn said. "For her it will probably be a pretty seamless transition.

"It's always an interesting transition for a teacher," he said. "They know the people in the building, so a lot of the socialization, getting to know each other kind of things don't have to take place, and maybe you can focus on getting some other things done more quickly."

Bawn said he did not expect the principal's duties to change from this year to next.

"In general terms, (the duties of principal) will be very similar to what they were last year, but of course we're waiting for the budget bill and a couple of other things working their way through the legislature to see if there are going to be any major changes," Bawn said.

"Since we are involved with Race to the Top, some of the same issues - teacher evaluation, administrator evaluation - we've already been working on. If they change, we'll have a little bit of a head start on them."

Johnstown Monroe has not received significant direct support for Race to the Top funds, but the district has been involved in order to participate in some of the management tools that are being developed under the program, Bawn said.

"We got involved in it more as a way to have access to some of the programs the state is developing," Bawn said. "The products the state is offering are access to the Battelle value-added program and the instructional information system they are developing, those are the things that interest us the most."

In other business, the board also named McIlwain as assistant principal.

"The assistant principal assists the principals in operating their buildings," Bawn said. "There are a number of assignments there, dealing with issues from discipline to employee evaluation to curriculum planning and instruction."