A Monroe Township road project's complexity has delayed its completion until likely next spring.

A Monroe Township road project's complexity has delayed its completion until likely next spring.

Monroe Township trustee Troy Hendren said one of the major difficulties with a plan to upgrade Woodhaven Road has been in moving utility poles so the road could be widened. Not only was it a matter of actually moving the poles, but the township also needed to obtain some landowners' permission to do so.

"All these little things kept putting it off. The poles have been a hassle," he said.

That's not to say the delay is entirely bad news, though.

"This'll actually save the township money," he said.

In January, the township received federal Issue 1 grant money for improvements to Woodhaven Road between Clover Valley and Croton roads. Upgrading the 1.5-mile stretch was estimated to cost $328,482. Grant money would cover $237,536 of the cost, and the township would provide $25,250 of in-kind road work and contribute $65,696 in local revenue as matching funds. That project was expected to be completed through the summer.

Hendren said he expects the project to go to bid in November or December, however, and bids placed for the winter generally are lower than those placed for the summer, so the project's costs could be significantly different from what originally was projected. He said the project includes widening the roadway and reconstructing culverts and ditches along that stretch of Woodhaven Road.

"We do a lot of the in-kind work ourselves," Hendren said, and some of the project's concrete work already is complete.

After the project goes to bid and a contractor is hired, he said, he expects the actual project construction to take roughly two weeks.

In other Monroe Township news, Hendren said, the trustees are seeking price quotes to create a township website.

"We just started doing it," he said.

If all goes as planned, Hendren said, he hopes the site would be operational by early spring. He plans for the website to include, among other information, easy access to zoning rules and regulations.

Hendren said negotiations between the Monroe and St. Albans township fire departments to serve Liberty Township are going well. He said both Monroe and St. Albans townships contract to provide service to Liberty Township.

"We've had some really positive meetings," Hendren said, adding that even if the meetings weren't going well, Liberty Township residents wouldn't have any immediate worries. "It's not like no one is going to have (fire and EMS) service."