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Timed bus routes

School board likely to mull results, plan of action


Parents in the Johnstown-Monroe school district whose children attend nonpublic schools should have time to make other transportation arrangements if their child's route takes more than 30 minutes to complete.

District treasurer Tammy Woods said the board likely would discuss results and a possible plan of action Oct. 15 but that any decision wouldn't be immediate.

"It's not like we're just going to cut them off," she said.

As of Oct. 12, the district posted all official timing results the Ohio Department of Education has made of individual routes to nonpublic schools, with the exception of Columbus Academy from Searfoss Elementary School. Woods said that route was timed at 41 minutes and 59 seconds.

According to state law, a school district is not required to transport children to nonpublic schools if that route takes longer than 30 minutes to complete.

According to the Johnstown-Monroe's website, the other results are as follows:

- To Blessed Sacrament from Searfoss Elementary is 26 minutes, 56 seconds.

- To Liberty Christian Academy from Adams/Oregon is 24:35.

- To Blessed Sacrament from Adams/Oregon is 28:49.

- To Liberty Christian Academy from Searfoss Elementary is 21:15.

- To St. Matthews from Adams/Oregon is 40:37.

- To Granville Christian from Searfoss Elementary is 24:16.

- To St. Matthews from Searfoss Elementary is 41:18.

- To Granville Christian from Adams/Oregon is 25:35.

- To Columbus Academy from Adams/Oregon is 32:56.

- To St. Francis from Searfoss Elementary is 29:37.

- To St. Francis from Adams/Oregon is 30:10.

- To Columbus Academy from Searfoss Elementary is 41:59.

"Now we just have to wait for the board to make a decision," Woods said.

She said she believes these timings would be the last for these routes.

Parent Michael Rush, who has spoken on behalf of the nonpublic school parents, declined comment until after the Oct. 15 meeting.