A house fire injured at least four people, including three young children, early Nov. 8.

A house fire injured at least four people, including three young children, early Nov. 8.

According to emergency officials, three children -- ages 6 months, 14 months and 3 years -- were transported from the house, in the 5400 block of Johnstown-Utica Road.

Robin Rapp said she was driving to work when she passed the frantic scene.

"The mom was running around, and she asked me to help her, and she said there's still another baby in there," Rapp said.

Two of the children were out safely, but a 14-month-old was in a crib inside.

The mother, who requested anonymity, picked up a flower pot and with that and a rock, broke the window.

Brad Hill, a Hartford Township volunteer firefighter on his way home from a 24-hour shift at Port Columbus, said he heard the call and rushed to the home to help rescue the children.

"When I pulled in, they were screaming, 'My baby's inside; my baby's inside,'" Hill said.

He grabbed his gear, but by then, the mother already was back inside, he said.

When Hill ran to the window, the mother handed him the child. Hill then helped the mother out the window, he said.

"The mom was breaking into this window behind me, and she dove in the window to get the baby out," Hill said. "I grabbed the baby from her, laid them on the ground. She (the baby) was breathing; she was conscious, had soot all over her," he said.

The 14-month-old was flown by helicopter to a Columbus hospital. The other two children and the mother were transported by ambulance.

Firefighters say the children's mother was burned when she went back in to rescue her baby.

They say all three children were covered in soot and coughing from smoke inhalation, but they all are expected to be OK.

Investigators say they believe the fire was started in one of the children's bedrooms, but hey are not calling it suspicious.

Fourteen fire units were dispatched to the home.

The names and conditions of those involved were not immediately released.