The Johnstown-Monroe Board of Education rounded out its membership with a 4-0 decision April 1 to appoint resident Alan Benton.

The Johnstown-Monroe Board of Education rounded out its membership with a 4-0 decision April 1 to appoint resident Alan Benton.

He'll fill the seat vacated by school board member Roger Montgomery, who resigned March 14.

"His (Benton's) business background was extremely impressive," said board member Ruth Ann Booher, who was appointed March 18 to fill former member John Davis' position.

Benton, a Windy Hollow Road resident, is president of ISO Technologies, a local company.

Booher said all six candidates who were interviewed for the position were impressive, but she thought Benton's business experience complemented other board members' skills.

"He completed the circle to me," she said.

Board vice president Jim Dodderer described the search for new board members as a "humbling" experience.

"All the people who applied reflect how great this community is," he said.

Dodderer said Benton's longtime residency in the community and involvement with the school district influenced his decision to appoint him.

"He's a great pick," Dodderer said.

Benton said he is joining the board with no personal agenda.

"The best thing to do when you enter a new situation is to talk to everyone and listen," he said.

Benton and his wife, Kathleen, have three children in the district and one graduated, and he's a 22-year Johnstown resident.

"I thank the board for having confidence in me," he said.

Benton said he would meet with the superintendent and other board members to elicit feedback. He said he's noticed many changes occurring within the district and his goal in applying for the board position was to find out why the changes are occurring and try to help.

District treasurer Tammy Woods said the board reinterviewed many of the candidates who had applied for Davis' position. With Booher becoming his replacement, she didn't have an opportunity during the last round of interviews to ask questions of them as candidates for Montgomery's seat.

"She had a few questions for them," Woods said.

Woods also said the November election would be a busy one for the district. Board member Terry Holter's term expires at the end of the year, and Booher will have to run for a four-year term. Benton will have to run in November to keep his seat, as more than two years had remained in Montgomery's term when he resigned.

Woods said she expects the other candidates who were interviewed for Benton's position to run as well. She said the interest in running for the school board speaks well for the community.

"I'm thrilled that so many people are stepping up," she said.