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Community food pantry

Shelves stocked for now, but need could return in June


Thanks to generous donations, the Johnstown-Northridge Community Food Pantry in the Johnstown Independent Baptist Church is well-stocked for now, according to food pantry director Ruth Krumm.

Supplies might need to be replenished in early June, when the schools are on summer break and children are home for three meals a day, she said.

"Right now the shelves are pretty full," Krumm said. "The community's been terrific. I've been doing this for 25 or 30 years, and I don't remember every having this much by this month."

Krumm credited all of the organizations that contribute, such as the Faith Fellowship Church, the Alexandria and Johnstown Methodist churches, K-Ceps Automotive, which holds food drives, and the Northridge Middle School, which held a food drive in March in addition to the food drive the Northridge and Johnstown-Monroe districts hold in autumn.

"It took two cars to bring all the food down," Krumm said of the Northridge Middle School event.

Krumm said the Johnstown American Legion Post 254 didn't hesitate to donate money when its members heard the food pantry was in need.

"We heard the shelves were getting low so we immediately voted to donate $300," said Post Commander Bruce Tolle said. "While the Legion's purpose for existing is to serve veterans, we also strive to serve the communities where we live."

Tolle said when it comes to donating to the community, nothing is "in it" for the Legion other than the satisfaction of helping.

"All of our community projects and activities are simply altruistic in nature," he said. "The only reason we try for any publicity we can get is so that when people see us engaged in our various fundraising activities (such as selling raffle tickets, etc.), they will hopefully be aware that much of what we collect will be used to benefit the local community and the surrounding area."

Krumm said the Panera Bread company has donated generously, as well, shipping in bread and "lots of bagels" on Mondays.

"It all helps," she said.

Krumm said she is appreciative of everyone who donates and apologizes if she forgot to mention anyone. She said the food pantry currently serves more than 100 families and is in great shape to continue serving them for now. The summer months are exceptionally busy, though, she said. Although the pantry is well-stocked, it won't be as the summer break progresses, she said.

"I expect we'll need more to carry us through the summer," she said.