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Independent's early years

1913: 'Township Teachers To Get Increase'

Editor's note: The Mary E. Babcock Library in Johnstown has digitized ThisWeek's Johnstown Independent, dating back to June 14, 1884. The following are some of the news items from the Independent's early years, as they appeared in print:

June 14, 1884:

* A Michigan girl, at one setting ate two pounds of limburge (SIC) cheese. Her pa doesn't have to wear his heavy boots on Sunday night any more.

* To Our Subscribers.

Quite a large number of those who subscribed for the Independent have not yet paid up. We hope those who have not settled for their subscription will call at this office without further notice and pay their portion as we are in need of the money. Please come forward promptly and settle, and we promise to steadily improve the columns of the Independent.

Go to Moore's if you want groceries cheap.

100 years ago this week:

* Township Teachers To Get Increase.

At a regular meeting of the Monroe township school board held Saturday p.m. it was decided to give our township school teachers a slight salary increase. Last year experienced teachers were paid $45 per month. Next year the maximum wage will be $50 while none will receive less than $45. In either case the amount will include the fee for janitor services. The board did this with a view of encouraging better work among our township schools. By this we do not mean to criticize the work that has been done in our township schools. We mean to offer, at least a living wage, and the increase in wage, trival (SIC) though it seems, will be an incentive to the teachers to do better work. We surely need require a high standard in our township teachers as many pupils never have the privilege of attending a high school. So the training they receive in the township schools should be of the highest type to enable such scholars to better cope with the problems of life.

* Special sale

Saturday, April 26, 1913 (ad ran in the May 1 edition)

Buy a Pocket Knife Now. To introduce our Pocket Knives, we are going to sell for a limited time, your choice of knives displayed in our show window at 39c. Every Knife guarnanteed (SIC).

Russell C. Frederick

Johnstown, Ohio

75 years ago this week:

* Followed Example

The Ohio State Journal, Columbus, has followed the Independent's example of the streamline heads, sometimes called "Rockets." The heads may be a little more difficult for readers to read but "a minute is a minute in the printing office."

* Attention citizens

The annual clean-up will begin Monday, May 9th. All residents are urged to have their rubbish placed in front of their premises, Monday morning so it can be hauled away.

Please do not place any before Monday, due to the unsightly appearance over the Lord's day.

Signed, Mayor Doughten.

50 years ago this week:

* Mostly About Johnstown

By Oliver Bigelow

Two young ladies strolled into the Independent office and seriously proclaimed "What do we have to do to get our names in the paper." The girlish giggles gave away their otherwise serious deportment. "We don't have to rob a bank, do we?"

They were 10-year-old Susie Hoover and Debbie Haffey. You know, I think they raised a very good question. To the young girl or boy it might seem that parents and their elders are too inclined to reprimand or give wide publicity to their derelictions but too seldom give any attention to their normal and commendable behavior.

Unfortunately, there is no "good boy and girl" list by which we can give them their just attention. If they would get into trouble, we could be sure that the various news media would give attention to their deeds. Therefore, Debbie and Susie, we are very glad to put your names in the paper as good girls who merit attention.