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Bicentennial contest yields three-way tie

Monday May 20, 2013 9:11 AM

A three-way tie was the result of a Johnstown bicentennial writing contest in which Oregon Elementary School second-graders were asked to respond to the question "What is your favorite place in Johnstown and why?"

The winners' unedited replies follow.

By Makayla Newhall: "My favorite place in Johnstown. My favorite place in Johnstown is Whit's. Whit's is my favorite because they have good ice cream and they have nice topings. Also because they are open alot especially in the summer. When it is sunny there are tables outside. And if you don't just want ice cream there is lunch food. The people there are really nice. I love Whit's!"

By Lydia Gibson: "If you have a Sunday off, go to The Johnstown Presbyterian Church! The Johnstown Presbyterian Church is my favorite place in Johnstown because you can learn about Christ there. This is for the kids: you can do arts and crafts at Sunday school! There are tons of people there and you might just know or see someone you know! You probably know I like my church. See you there, Lydia."

By Ava Robertson: "Home sweet home. My favorite place in Johnstown is my house. My house is fun! Sometimes my sister and my next door neighbor go down to are creek and skip roks. We also climb a tree that's half brocken down. I also have my sleep over's there and stay up all night. I have breakfast, lunch and binner there. I get to spend time with my family. I can't wait to something exciting at my house tomorrow."