Johnstown Independent

Independent's early years 1886

Johnstown needs its own water works

Editor's note: The Mary E. Babcock Library in Johnstown has digitized ThisWeek's Johnstown Independent, dating back to June 14, 1884. The following are some of the news items from the Independent's early years, as they appeared in print:

July 5, 1884:

* Hartford has concluded to let the colored people have the 4th.

* The father of five marriagable (SIC) daughters was in town a few days ago trying to buy some four-leaf clover seed to plant in his back yard. He said he had read that when a young girl finds a four-leaf clover it is a sign that she will be married within a year.

* A fashionable young lady of Johnstown wants to know what shade will be the most popular this summer. We don't claim to be posted on such matters, but can assure her that, if the weather keeps as warm as has been, the shade of a big umbrella or a friendly tree will be most acceptable if not most fashionable.

July 2, 1885:

* A Husband's Honest Confession.

"Do you love me still, darling? gushed young Mrs. Crimsonbeak to the partner of her joys and sorrows.

"No, wife, I can't honestly say that I do," was the husband's frank confession.

"And why not?" replied the wife, preparing to deluge the place with tears.

"Because you are never still," came from the hard-hearted wretch, whom nature had endowed with a funny department in the head

-- Yonker's Statesman.

* "It is odd, and sometimes melancholly (SIC), to see a man trying to make up his mind' when he has no mtaerial (SIC) to work with."

July 1, 1886:

* Columbus is raging war with the pool rooms and gambling dens, and even forbids betting on "hoss" races and base ball. This is a move in the right direction, and reflects credit upon the Mayor and city council.

* How would the citizens like the privileges that derived from water works? It is within our reach, and we can have it. A stock company could be organized and $5000 would carry us through. If Johnstown was possessed of water works facilities, none could surpass her. Several of influential citizens have expressed themselves to us, as favorable to such a movement, and would subscribe liberally. Granville has completed, and are now enjoying the advantages. Shall they lead us? We hope that the project suggested by us may be manipulated in such a matter, that one year hence, this work will be in progress. Think abont (SIC) it.

July 7, 1887:

* 4th of July was pretty generally observed this year; a fact that reflects much credit upon our people. When we remember what our freedom cost and how nobly our forefathers fought for it, our patriotism should increase rather than decrease.

* Attention Committeemen.

As treasurer of the 4th of July fund I would ask that all interested to please meet at the Independent office tonight. There has always been much complaint that the money was not properly expended, and also that the treasurer had always "knocked" down a little spare change; of course these reports were probably without foundation, but in justice to ourselves we ask you to examine our itemized account of expenditures and desire an honorable discharge.

Wm. A. Ashbrooke