Johnstown Independent

Independent's early years

1884: Some Congressman 'cheaper dead than alive'

Editor's note: The Mary E. Babcock Library in Johnstown has digitized ThisWeek's Johnstown Independent, dating back to June 14, 1884. The following are some of the news items from the Independent's early years, as they appeared in print:

July 12, 1884:

* We could not tell whether our young blacksmith, Stanton Hoover, was insane or whether he has a notion of taking unto himself a wife. He was on the (illegible)-path once more Saturday and Sunday, with one of the fairer sex by his side.

* Our town was wild with excitement Thursday over a fight which which (SIC) took place between Mr. B. Henthorn and Mr. Friend, both of this place. I believe they both claim the belt.

* It costs $3,700 to bury a Congressman. Even then some of them are cheaper dead than alive to the country.

July 9, 1885:

* Doings of the People in the Buckeye State.

Loy, the Newark man murdered at St. Louis, maried (SIC) a Newark belle, Linda Van Buskirk.

Susie Highland has mysteriously disappeared from Newark Last seen in the public square.

* There will be a colored camp meeting held on the Fair grounds at Pataskala, O., commencing July 11th, and ending the 20th. It will be conducted by Rev. W.A. Meridith, of Granville, who has secured the most able ministers to assist with the meeting. Prof. Vaughen's Jubilee Troupe will remain throughout the meeting and furnish the singing.

* Sale of School Building.

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Education of the Johnstown Special School District will offer for sale at Public vendue (SIC), the building lately vacated by the public schools, on Friday, August 7th, 1885, at 2 o'clock, P.M, on the premises. Also coal house belonging to said building. Terms made known on day of sale.

By order of the Board,

C.V. Armstrong, Clerk.

Johnstown, O., July 7, 1885.

July 8, 1886:

* A Western editor (married) says he will be glad to publish the poetry and board any poet who will find a word to rhyme with house-cleaning which is not wickedly profane.

* Miss Miller danced herself to death. She lived at Genesee, M.T. She went to a ball, danced all night, and went home to bed, where, the following day, she was found dead. -- Chicago Herald.

* It is reported that the Australian wheat crop this year will be a failure. After deducting the amount required for home consumption, it is estimated that there will be but 36,000 tons for exportation, against 329,000 tons exported last year.

July 14, 1887:

* In 1860 there were 2,045,077 in the United States; in 1870, 2,695,985; in 1880, 4,008,907; and there are probably now nearly five millions (SIC).

* Granville has passed another ordinance of a prohibitory nature, and says saloonists "scoot."

* Try Us On and See.

We hope the editor of the Johnstown Independent is not as "green" as the color of his paper is of late. How about it brother Ashbrooke.

The above dear reader is clipped from the editorial columns of the Pataskla (SIC) Standard, edited by slobber-mouth Beem. He is still alive.