Johnstown Independent

Independent's early years

1885: Little boy shoots arrow into Miss Stack's eye

Editor's note: The Mary E. Babcock Library in Johnstown has digitized ThisWeek's Johnstown Independent, dating back to June 14, 1884. The following are some of the news items from the Independent's early years, as they appeared in print:

July 19, 1884:

* There has been an increase of 500,000,000 pounds in the consumation (SIC) of imported sugar this year, as compared with last, maxing the importation to 200,000,000 pounds. This may account for the immense productions of protection taffy which the country is receiving in allopathic doses.

* Some one has been sneaking into Mrs. Allen's pantry to steal food prepared for her boarders. It was done after the family had retired for the night. Pity the sneak thief did not need a physician immediately.

* Miss Ida Philbrick, the Misses Moore, Miss Dolly Gardner, and other ladies took well filled baskets and went to the woods, Thursday, to enjoy nature, to hunt ground squirrels, and to scream at bugs.

* The Columbus base ball club is doing fine work in the American Association. It is now second in the race for the championship of America.

July 16, 1885:

* Verames Corkins, aged 80, was arrested by his daughter at Neward (SIC) for insanity. Court declared him homeless. He is an infidel and people are afraid of him.

* Little boy shot an arrow into Miss Stack's eye, Delaware, the other morning, ruining her sight. 'Twas an accidentt (SIC).

* A Marietta man has fallen heir to another one of those big English estates that are lying around just yearning to be handed over to American heirs.

July 15, 1886:

* Many of the small towns of Ohio are taking advantage of the local option clause of the Dow law, and are closing up the saloons. In Johnstown it might be possible, but it is hardly probable.

* Choosing between two evils.

"Moving again, eh? What's the matter with your boarding-place this time?"

"Well, you know I told you about the torture I endured in the last place?"

"Yes. A family with twin boy-babies, both teething."

"Yes. Well, I just got settled in a new place in a nice room right next to the parlor, when the landlady moseyed in a grand piano, backed it right up against my wall, and gave all the boarders the privilege of using it."

"Where are no (SIC) going now?"

"Back to the babies."

-- Chicago News