Johnstown Independent

Independent's early years

1884: 'Colored man' earns 'white man's highest rank'

Editor's note: The Mary E. Babcock Library in Johnstown has digitized ThisWeek's Johnstown Independent, dating back to June 14, 1884. The following are some of the news items from the Independent's early years, as they appeared in print:

Aug. 2, 1884:

* Robert Heberton Terrell, a colored man, the child of slaves, graduated from Harvard last June, the first black man to gain a white man's highest rank in the college. Terrell has never failed to receive gentlemanly treatment from the students. He is one of the seven out of twos hundred to have a part at commencement.

* The Normal school at Jersey, conducted by C.H. Emswiler, opened July 21st, with 31 scholars, with an increase on the 28th of five more. The school is flourishing.

Miss Ida Roberts, of Johnstown, is attending the normal.

* It is reported that the clerk of Charles Mintor, a member of the board of brokers, has absconded with about $4,000 belonging to Mintor.

Aug. 6, 1885:

* Hand-Shaking.

The etiquette of hand-shaking is simple. No man should assume to take a lady's hand until it is offered. A lady extends her hand and allows the gentleman to take it. On introduction in a room a married lady generally shakes hands; young ladies not often. In the ballroom, where the introduction is for dancing, not for friendship, never shake hands. The more public the place of introduction the less hand-shaking takes place. -- New Yok (SIC) Graphic.

* A child playing with matches caused the destruction of 232 houses in the Hungarian village of Nemedi, and made bankrupt the whole population.

Aug. 5, 1886:

* The Independent of Aug. 27th, will contain a full account of the execution of Boling, also a brief history of the crime for which he suffered the death penalty.

* It is generally understood that Mr. L.B. Miller, who was nominated as Republican Sheriff, will decline to accept the nomination, and Mr. J.C. Malone, of Granville will be substituted in his stead.


To Homer Green, whose place of residence is unknown, you are hereby notified that a petition has been filed by myself and others, with the Township Clerk of Monroe Tp., Licking Co., Ohio, praying for the locating and establishing of two Ditches, drains or water-courses, commencing at the line fence between the lands of James N. Wright and Homer Green, thence running in a westerly direction, (and running nearly parallel with each other,) to Raccoon creek Which said Petition will be for hearing by the Township Trustees, at 9 o'clock a.m., on the 21st day of August, 1886, at line of said ditches.

James N. Wright, Petitioner Johnstown O., July 31st, '86