The Nov. 5 elections in the Johnstown area brought closure to one unusual race and an interesting upset to another.

The Nov. 5 elections in the Johnstown area brought closure to one unusual race and an interesting upset to another.

The four winners in the race for Johnstown Village Council are Sharon Hendren, Sean Staneart, Carol VanDeest and William VanGundy, according to unofficial results from the Licking County Board of Elections. The other two candidates listed on the ballot were Joyce Priest Evans and Bob Orsini.

Priest Evans, an incumbent, is the only one of the six who won't serve on council next year, though. Orsini was appointed last month to fill the seat left vacant when Kevin Riffe resigned.

The top vote-getter was Staneart, with 438 votes, or 21.35 percent, followed by VanGundy, with 405 votes, or 19.74 percent; Hendren, 350 votes, 17.06 percent; VanDeest, 337 votes, 16.42 percent; Priest Evans, 326 votes, 15.89 percent; and Orsini, 196 votes, 9.55 percent.

In Monroe Township, voters chose two of the five candidates running. Incumbent Joey Robertson and challenger John Sadinsky defeated incumbent Troy Hendren and challengers George Holbrook and Russell Sparks, according to the elections board's unofficial results.

Robertson received 589 votes, or 27.55 percent, followed by Sadinsky, 534 votes, 24.98 percent; Hendren, 460 votes, 21.52 percent; Sparks, 300 votes, 14.03 percent; and Holbrook, 255 votes, 11.93 percent.

Sadinsky said he was motivated to run because of an ongoing issue with the township regarding his business, A-1 Reliable Towing. (See related front-page story).

"(The process has) been childish, and I've been embarrassed for the township, and I hope to make things a bit more professional and head in the right direction," he told ThisWeek. "The attitude of how things were handled and the inability to try to truly work together (did motivate me). I thought I could do a better job and that I could bring a better openness and willingness to work things out."

In other area elections:

Uncontested Johnstown-Monroe Board of Education candidates Ruth Ann Booher and Tim Swauger finished with 1,085 votes and 828 votes, or 56.72 to 43.28 percent, respectively, in the race for two open seats.

Alan Benton was the lone candidate vying for an unexpired school board term, receiving 1,115 votes.

All candidates also had a few votes from a small area in southern Delaware County that is within the school district's boundaries.

The village of Hartford's referendum request to approve a 1-percent income tax for municipal services was defeated by 27 votes -- 77 to 50, or 60.63 percent against it to 39.37 percent for it.

The village's council race was uncontested for candidates Leanne Bishop, Bryant Callan, Winston Sayers and Jim Zarzeczny.

Hartford Township's 3-mill levy for roads and bridges passed 120 votes to 104, or 53.57 percent to 46.43 percent, respectively.

The township's race featured three candidates seeking two seats. Top vote-getter Timothy Zarley received 245 votes, or 41.32 percent. The other winner is Gilbert Grandstaff, with 216 votes, or 36.42 percent. The loser is Jeffrey Boudinot, with 132 votes, or 22.26 percent, according to unofficial results from the elections board.

Alexandria voters approved the village's 4-mill levy by a 70-to-50 vote, or 58.33 percent for it to 41.67 percent against it.

Adam Mooney was uncontested in the mayoral race there, receiving 98 votes.

Council candidates Karen Holt and Michael Miller also were uncontested, receiving 65 and 89 votes, respectively.

Four candidates sought three open seats on the Northridge Board of Education. The Licking County Board of Elections' unofficial results show Doug Hart and Jeffrey Schrock, whose names were on the ballot, received 907 and 910 votes, respectively, or 45.15 and 45.30 percent. The write-in candidates were Richard Burkholder and Bryan Applequist. Burkholder won that battle with 86 votes, or 4.28 percent. Applequist received 48 votes, or 2.39 percent.

Hart and Schrock also received a vote each in a small area of Delaware County that is within the school district's boundaries, according to unofficial results from the Delaware County Board of Elections.

Christopher Pokorny was uncontested in the other Northridge board seat, receiving 1,019 votes in Licking County and a vote in Delaware County, according to unofficial results.