Two Johnstown and Northridge teachers are among 20 recipients for the Licking County Foundation Leaders for Learning grants.

Two Johnstown and Northridge teachers are among 20 recipients for the Licking County Foundation Leaders for Learning grants.

The foundation on May 12 announced that grants totaling $9,802.07 were being awarded to teachers to enhance professional development or classroom activities.

Johnstown Oregon Elementary School teachers Rachel Hayes and Diane Stutz have each been awarded $499 for an iPad to use in their classrooms, said Connie Hawk, director of the Licking County Foundation.

The purpose of the iPad purchase is to assist struggling readers in small-group or one-on-one settings with reading fluency and comprehension skills.

At Northridge High School, Kimberly Garee is receiving a $500 grant to fund four issues of a print edition of the school newspaper, The Viking Vault: Write from the Ridge, during the 2014-15 school year.

The grant will provide students an opportunity to lay out a print edition of the paper, expand readership, provide important learning experiences and make a dream come true for the dedicated editorial staff who work hard every month to put out a dynamite product, Garee said.

Northridge Intermediate School's Jill McLaughlin is receiving a $500 grant to fund Northridge's inaugural STEM Day, which McLaughlin is coordinating.

The grant will help support a kickoff presentation from The Works and purchase reusable supplies (six Snap Circuits Jr. kits, three K'Nex kits and three Lego building kits) to be used at stations throughout the day.

The supplies also will be used in the everyday classroom throughout the year to support instruction from the new Common Core standards in science and to give students hands-on experiences that otherwise would not be available to them, according to McLaughlin.

The educators who are being awarded the grants are past recipients of Licking County Foundation's Leaders for Learning Award, making them eligible to apply for annual grants of up to $500 as long as they continue to teach in Licking County. The grants are made possible through support by the Lindorf-Warner Memorial Fund of the Licking County Foundation.

The Leaders for Learning Award was created by the Licking County Foundation in 1993 to honor and recognize public school teachers who exemplify excellence in their fields.

Each year, teachers from every school district in Licking County are selected by their principals and superintendents for their commitment to professional development and for their outstanding classroom skills and leadership.

Leaders for Learning Award recipients may apply for $500 grants to further their professional development or purchase materials for their classrooms.

The foundation is a nonprofit organization comprising 222 funds given by individuals, businesses and organizations. In 2013, those funds had a combined market value of $67.8 million, and more than $1.8 million in grants and scholarships were awarded to benefit many local projects, programs, organizations and students.