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Seibel gets new administrative role


As part of a movement new Johnstown-Monroe Local Schools superintendent Dale Dickson described as "restructuring the district for efficiency," the district's school board appointed Adams Middle School principal Debbie Seibel to the newly created position of director of administrative services.

The position's three-year contract includes a salary of $82,000 at 240 days per year and will be official July 1. As principal, Seibel had a 229-day contract worth $80,293. She'll also get the usual insurance and other benefits.

Although the position was in the works before his appointment as superintendent, Dickson said, the role is necessary because of the district's recent growth and upcoming building projects following voters' approval of a May bond issue.

"With all the initiatives we have in this district associated with the new facilities projects, the initiative the board has set forth with the growth of virtual learning in the district and having been through several leaders, I think the board saw that in order to address appropriately the work of the district, this position was necessary," Dickson said.

Dickson said Seibel's position would have responsibilities that range from overseeing virtual learning and evaluation processes to "bringing about greater efficiencies in the district."

Having served as a basketball coach, teacher, media specialist and principal, Dickson said, Seibel was a very well-qualified candidate.

"She has been in the district for years and is very well-respected," he said. "Her knowledge is impeccable in the area of curriculum, management, organization and process and procedure."

The move will take Seibel further from students than she has been in her career, she said, adding that she'll need time to adjust. She sees her new role as just as important to their learning, though, she said.

"As I transition, I'm sure there will be less daily contact with students, and that's something that I know will be an adjustment and I'll miss, but I hope to still have impact on students," she said. "The whole reason we're here is to all work for the absolute best opportunity we can for students."

Though her focus will have to change, Seibel said, she change the way she goes about her work.

"My philosophy and take on every position I've held in this district -- and I will continue to hold -- is that I am invested and dedicated in working for the students, staff and community of Johnstown," she said. "I love this community. I've lived in this community for 31 years, and I think it's a great place."

Seibel said although she is unsure of what to expect in her first days as administrative-services director, she's ready to get started.

"I think we have exciting things ahead of us," she said. "It's a lot of work, but I like to work. So I'm very much looking forward to the new challenges."

The search for a new middle school principal began June 13, when a 10-day listing for the position was posted both internally and externally.

Dickson said the district would have a five-person committee help select the new principal, and Seibel could be on the committee.