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Kyber Run

Shopping center's new owners have big plans in mind


The new owner of Kyber Run in Johnstown has high hopes for the shopping center on U.S. Route 62.

Kumar Bhavanasi is the president and CEO of First Tek Inc., a New Jersey technology company, and one of the new owners of the properties on 838-853 W. Coshocton St.

Bhavanasi told ThisWeek nothing would change for existing tenants, such as Great Clips, Tan Pro and Versus Bar and Grill, but changes could be coming for the center in general.

"I do have plans," Bhavanasi said. "That's the only way I will be making money."

One of Bhavanasi's ideas is to answer the village's need for a medical building.

"I was there two weeks ago, and I saw there is no medical office building there," he said. "All doctors are either in homes or in small practices."

Bhavanasi said the Kyber Run area has space that could be used for two new properties, which, he said, could be built out within the next three or four years. He doesn't have a timetable yet, though, he said.

"We literally bought this property five weeks ago, so we're still looking into things," Bhavanasi said. "I'm still getting my arms around it."

In the meantime, two properties -- a 0.9-acre site and a 1.10-acre site -- are for rent under realty company Cushman and Wakefield.

Bhavanasi, who owns a property in Johnstown and has owned another in Marysville, said he likes the central Ohio area and called it his "comfort zone," despite living in New Jersey.

"I like Johnstown," he said. "I'm from New Jersey, and it's really hard to buy property like this there. ... I really like suburbs of Columbus."