Adams Middle School's new principal, Michael Carr, said he wants to serve students, staff and the community.

Adams Middle School's new principal, Michael Carr, said he wants to serve students, staff and the community.

Johnstown-Monroe Local Schools' 2014-15 school year began Aug. 20.

"I'm here for them," he said. "I'm a worker that's here for them, willing to do what it takes to make students successful. I'm willing to listen. I'm not here to say, 'You need to do it this way.' I'm more of a servant to the public. I want to make the best decisions for kids."

Carr, former assistant principal at Westerville Central High School, replaces Debbie Seibel, the district's new director of administrative services.

The New Albany resident worked 11 years in the Newark City School District. He worked for the past nine years at Westerville Central.

"This is a new, exciting experience for me at the middle school level," he said. "I've coached middle school before. I mainly coached basketball. Kids are kids. This age group is wonderful. Everyone says they have raging hormones. I say they're all raging intellectuals. No matter what, kids are kids. You have to get to know the kids, build the relationships. They need guidance and strong leadership."

Carr, 43, said he looks forward to building relationships with about 360 Adams students and with the staff and community.

"With kids, it's what you know about the person," he said. "They will do anything for you if they realize you will do anything for them. We're here working for them."

Carr said he was attracted to Johnstown because he knows it's a hard-working community with a great deal of pride.

"The community has the best interest of the students in mind," he said. "The staff is hard working. I know there"s a lot of growth coming this way. I think it's a wonderful opportunity for me personally."

Carr said his family greatly influenced him to pursue a career in education.

"My mother was a teacher," he said. "Growing up I was always around her in education. My dad was on the school board. My family had a huge impact. My teacher and coaches had a huge impact on me. That took me on the education path to make things better for future generations."

Carr said he appreciates an old building like Adams Middle School, but he's excited that new buildings are coming.

"It gives more opportunities for staff and students to perform better," he said.

He said he's also excited to work with new the superintendent, Dale Dickson.

"Hopefully, he'll be here for a while," he said. "This district is moving in the right direction."

When Carr isn't working or spending time with his family, he enjoys staying fit, he said.

"I enjoy working out," he said. "I think it makes me feel better and healthy. I lift weights, do cardio, swim, run and bike. I try to do it all. I've always loved sports. I've enjoyed watching sports."

Carr and his wife, Kelly, are parents to Brady, 10; Clay, 7; and Cameron, 4.

Carr will receive a salary of $75,000, and the employer will fund his 14-percent share of retirement ($10,500) and his insurances, according to district treasurer Tammy Woods.