St. Albans Township residents will use Big "O" Refuse starting Sept. 1.

St. Albans Township residents will use Big "O" Refuse starting Sept. 1.

Township trustees voted July 31 to contract with one trash hauler for the entire township.

"We wanted one trash hauler simply because of the roads," trustee Carol Beem said.

Beem said having different trucks running the same routes causes wear and tear on the roads. Plus, contracting with one hauler could save many township residents money. She said estimates show some residents could pay half the rate they were paying to other trash haulers.

The township accepted bids from Big "O" and Waste Management. Rumpke declined to bid on the project. Trustees chose Big "O" Refuse, which will cost residents $13.45 per month. Senior citizens will pay $12.25 per month.

"It's a really big savings for residents," Beem said.

The Big "O" trash totes are optional and would cost $3 a month.

"People can use their own trash cans or bags or lease a tote," Beem said.

As part of the 3-year contract, Big "O" agreed not to charge a fuel surcharge during the length of the contract.

Seth Ellington, Big "O" operations manager, said the company has several customers in that area and was interested in increasing its territory. "We were trying to help consumers and trying to expand our coverage area," he said.

He said the company often bids on contracts as they open, trying to stay competitive in the region.

Recycling has been offered as an option in the St. Albans Township contract. He said the 18-gallon bins cost $5 per month.

Trash will be picked up on Wednesdays in St. Albans Township. The first pickup will be delayed one day until Thursday, Sept. 4, because of the Labor Day holiday that week.

Big "O" has been in business for 24 years and has contracts in place in four counties: Licking, Muskingum, Fairfield and Perry.