Several Licking County 4-H Club members have won awards at the Ohio State Fair. They are as follows:

Several Licking County 4-H Club members have won awards at the Ohio State Fair. They are as follows:

Engineering Day: ATV: Clock Trophy, Justin Thomas (National Roaders); Crank It Up: Outstanding of the Day, Annie Betts (Dream Achievers); Home Decorating Day: Adventures in Home Living: Outstanding of the Day, Payton Booth (Viking Voyagers); Designing Interiors: Outstanding of the Day, Elizabeth Untied (Granville Gals & Pals); Small Animals Day: Cat 2 Project-Junior: Outstanding of the Day and Cat 2 Showmanship-Junior: Outstanding of the Day, both Hannah Curtis (Patchwork Pals); Welding Day: Arcs & Sparks: Outstanding of the Day, Joshua Robinson (Licking County Livestock); Sheep Skillathon: Age Division 15: fourth place, Cody Smith (Liberty 4-H); 12th place, Lydia Ulry (Future Stars); 16th place, Addy Deal (Liberty 4-H); Age Division 18: fourth place, Traig Deal (Liberty 4-H); seventh place, Daniel Ulry (Future Stars); Goat Skillathon: Age Division 15: sixth place, Alaina Schraufnagel (Goats R Us).

Bicycle Day: Bicycle Adventures II: Clock Trophy, Sarah Lewis (JC Servants).

Clothing Day: It's Time for Clothing II: Outstanding of the Day, Stephanie McDougal (Clover Connections); Clothes for High School & College: Outstanding of the Day, Kaila Van Fossen (Modern 4-H); Dress Up Day Wear: Outstanding of the Day, Keilah Ketron (Kith-n-Kin); Tops for Tweens: Outstanding of the Day, Bethany Rutherford (Purity Anti-Can't).

Woodworking Day: Measuring Up - Senior: Outstanding of the Day, Krystina Carter (All Creatures).

Dog Activities: Showmanship - Senior B: Third place, Daniel Miller (4-Paws).

Clothing Day: Ready, Let's Sew: Outstanding of the Day, Sophia Warner (Buttons & Bakers); Frugal Fashion: Outstanding of the Day, Kelsey Garrabrant (Croton Critters & Creations); Outer Layers: Outstanding of the Day, Candace Higgins (Buttons & Bakers); Fun with Clothes: Outstanding of the Day, Michaela Graham (Barnyard Buddies); Accessories for Teens: Outstanding of the Day, Marcy Kaercher (Granville Gals & Pals); Joyful Jumper: Outstanding of the Day, Michaela Graham (Barnyard Buddies).

Demonstrations: Junior Individual: Outstanding of the Day, Ben Abel (American Traditions/Classic Clovers); Outstanding of the Day, Michaela Milligan (Leaders & Learners).

Food & Nutrition Day: Food & Fitness Choices for You: Clock Trophy, Kayla Kincaid (Buttons & Bakers); I Spy in the Kitchen: Outstanding of the Day, Leah Kuhn (Equi Sports); Mini Meal Magic: Outstanding of the Day, Caleb Diehm (Kith-n-Kin).

Dog Activities: Novice A Dog Obedience: 11th place, Daniel Miller (4-Paws).

Livestock Judging: Senior Team: 12th place overall: Colton Kreager (Barnyard Buddies), Cara McLaughlin (Goats R Us) and Alaina Schraufnagel (Goats R Us).

Engineering Excitement Day: Rope - Junior: Outstanding of the Day, Rachel Crum (Dream Achievers).

Natural Resources Day: Let's Explore the Outdoors - Junior: Clock Trophy, JoAnn Grum (Dream Achievers); Shooting Sports Archery - Junior: Outstanding of the Day, Owen Stuart (Classic Clovers); Shooting Sports Shotgun - Junior: Outstanding of the Day, Rebekah Abel (Classic Clovers); Shooting Sports Pistol - Junior: Outstanding of the Day, Grace Harger (American Traditions); Shooting Sports Pistol - Senior: Clock Trophy, Anna Harper (American Traditions); Shooting Sports Hunting & Wildlife: Clock Trophy, Ben Abel (Classic Clovers); Living History - Junior: Outstanding of the Day, Hannah Minihan (American Traditions).

Self-Determined Day: Senior: Outstanding of the Day, Alaina Schraufnagel (Patchwork Pals).

Dog Activities: Rally Novice A: Gold, Audrey Urban (Pups & Pals); Silver: Ashley Hayes (4-Paws); Rally Novice B: Gold, Daniel Miller (4-Paws); Rally Advanced A: Gold, Hannah Curtis (Patchwork Pals); Exhibitor Versatility Award: Trophy/Backpack, Daniel Miller (4-Paws).

Junior Horse Show: Showmanship - Western Horse (15): First place, Mackenzie Hess (Trailblazers); Working Hunter Under Saddle - Pony: Second place, Christian Bean (Bits-n-Bridles).

Beef Skillathon: Age Division 15: First place, Lydia Ulry (Future Stars); Age Division 18: Second place, Daniel Ulry (Future Stars).

Dairy Cattle Skillathon: Age Division 11: Third place, Jacob Robinson (Licking County Livestock); Age Division 16: Second place, Joshua Robinson (Licking County Livestock).

Dog Skillathon: Age Division 11: 18th place, Ashley Hayes (4-Paws); Age Division 13: 11th place, Hannah Curtis (Patchwork Pals); Age Division 16: 13th place, Daniel Miller (4-Paws); 14th place, Megan Hannigan (4-Paws).

Horse Skillathon: Age Division 14: Second place, Mikala Grubaugh (Bits-n-Bridles).

Rabbit Skillathon: Age Division 9: Third place, Teresa Crum (Dream Achievers); Age Division 10: Second place, Rachel Crum (Dream Achievers); Age Division 11: Second place, JoAnn Grum (Dream Achievers); Age Division 17: 6th place, Danny Steele (Kids & Kritters).