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JEDD board seeking company to market Job Ready Site globally


The Pataskala Job Ready Site (JRS) will be marketed worldwide, according to officials on the Pataskala Joint Economic Development District board.

The 500-acre JRS south of Broad Street is undeveloped except for Etna Parkway, a $6 million road built in 2011 to connect Broad Street and U.S. Route 40.

The JEDD board on Sept. 19 agreed to prepare a request for proposals to market the site.

Incoming JEDD chairman Warren Weber said a group of development agency representatives will use a score sheet and choose a company to market the site.

Dan Evers, economic development director for the Licking County Chamber of Commerce, said there is a difference between having a company list the site and having a company market it. To market the site, the company will be asked to work with local economic development agencies, as well as corporations and real-estate brokers across the nation and throughout the world to find potential businesses for the JRS.

The JRS is split into two parcels: 300 acres that will be marketed as one site, but can be sold and divided if deemed necessary by the Licking County commissioners and the property owner, Howard Emswiler; and 200 acres that can be divided from the outset, said outgoing JEDD chairman Jerry Brems.

In August, the commissioners signed an agreement with Emswiler to include marketing costs in the sale price of the land. According to the agreement, which went into effect Aug. 16, if the 300 acres are sold at $36,812.48 per acre, 6 percent of the total purchase price will be given to the company that marketed the site and made the sale.

"(The company) will only be paid if they obtain a contract (for the sale of the site)," Brems said.

The rest of the land will be sold at a price determined by Emswiler, Evers said.

The JEDD board includes representatives from Pataskala and Harrison Township, the two jurisdictions that will share income-tax revenue from the property; county development officials; Emswiler, who was farming the property; and one of Emswiler's employees.