Licking County News

Farm animals vote pushed back to Nov. 5

Pataskala City Council on Oct. 15 tabled an ordinance that would allow small farm animals -- including bees, rabbits, ducks and chickens -- to be raised on lots of 5 acres or less.

City Council proposed amendments that restrict the number of animals on lots of 2 acres or less and allow more types of animals on lots of 2 to 5 acres.

Councilman Bernard Brush, chairman of the agriculture committee, said the committee recommended allowing chickens and rabbits on sites that are larger than one-quarter of an acre.

Other farm animals, including some hoofed livestock, would be allowed on lots with 2 to 5 acres, but the number of animals that can be kept would be restricted.

Brush said City Council will receive an amended copy of the ordinance before considering a third reading and potential passage at the next scheduled meeting Nov. 5.

-- Lori Wince