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Strategic plan update

Pataskala officials ready to remap development guide


Pataskala is ready to update its strategic plan to guide future development projects, according to city officials.

City Administrator Timothy Boland said the strategic plan was last updated in 2006.

"We're preparing for an economic rebound and development opportunities that might present themselves," Boland said. "(The strategic plan) needs to be updated to reflect what the residents want."

Strategic plans map out how development should occur over a five-year period, designating areas for commercial and residential improvements. The plan does not change existing property zoning designations.

City Planner Dianne Harris said Pataskala officials started the process this year by asking residents to be part of a visioning study focused on the old village center on state Route 310.

Residents attended several public meetings and offered suggestions on how the old village center should look in the future.

Residents also were asked to fill out surveys asking how they think development should occur and what type of projects should be encouraged.

The city used $1,500 from community-development block grant funds to hire Boulevard Strategies of Columbus to help with the visioning study.

Harris said the information from Boulevard Strategies and the raw survey data she has compiled would be presented to Pataskala City Council this month or next.

Boland said the next step is to hire a consultant to update the entire strategic plan. The city has included $60,000 for consultants in the proposed 2013 budget.

"We need a professional planner, a third party who is objective and can help, while being a step removed from the process," Boland said.