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Board members to lead superintendent advisory committees


Some things are best accomplished in smaller groups, said Southwest Licking Superintendent Robert Jennell during the school board's Jan. 12 organizational meeting.

Jennell suggested creating superintendent advisory committees, with two board members serving on each committee.

Once those are created, board members would create subcommittees to discuss specific issues. The committees would then bring their findings back to the full school board.

"If groups are too big at the top, it's tough to get things done," Jennell said.

Jennell suggested creating committees to cover curriculum; building and grounds; public relations and communication; and special education.

He said Treasurer Richard Jones could opt to chair a finance committee, which he chose to do, and board members suggested creating an informal policy committee.

"The idea behind these is to have discussions about topics that affect the district," Jennell said.

He said he could discuss subjects with the committees prior to presenting them to the full board.

Board member Don Huber said he believes it's important to have two board members on each committee in case one can't be present for a meeting.

"Every meeting, a board member should be there," he said.

Board members volunteered to lead the various groups:

* Huber and Cindy Zaino will lead the curriculum committee, which will include district principals and Curriculum Director Kasey Rathburn.

* Huber and Roger Zeune will lead the building and grounds committee.

* Zaino and Zeune will lead the public relations and communications committee.

* Dave Engel and Debra Moore will each serve on the special education and finance committees.

Jennell said the committees would meet as needed throughout the year. They probably would not meet every month, he said, but fairly often.

Engel and Huber said the committee discussion could help regular board meetings operate more efficiently.

For example, some policies could be discussed outside of regular meetings. Policy discussion can be lengthy and time consuming during board meetings, Engel said.

"Instead of sitting here and reading through all these things, it's a better use of everybody's time," he said.