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Pataskala City Council OKs sidewalk repair criteria


Pataskala has adopted nine standards to determine when sidewalks need to be replaced.

Pataskala City Council on March 4 voted 6-0, with Merissa McKinstry absent, to adopt the criteria:

* The sidewalk is broken or has an uneven grade.

* The sidewalk is pitted or has surface deterioration.

* The sidewalk slopes away from the street.

* The sidewalk sections are 1 inch or more above walking grade.

* The sidewalk joints or cracks are offset by 1 inch or more.

* The sidewalk has excessive cracking, with solid pieces less than two feet in any direction.

* The sidewalk has an excessive slope of more than 4 inches in 4 feet.

* The sidewalk's joint failure is evident.

* The sidewalk has other conditions that could cause an unsafe surface, as determined by the city engineer.

At the request of Councilman Mike Fox, City Council members also approved an amendment 6-0 to specify that the city engineer had to determine the "other conditions."

City officials are completing a sidewalk inventory as part of the 2013 strategic plan. They are identifying sidewalks that need replaced and areas with gaps in sidewalk connections.

The strategic plan would establish a standard design for sidewalks throughout the city and create a system in which property owners would be given a choice to make repairs to deteriorated sidewalks or pay the city to do it.