Licking County News

Residents concerned about Summit Road drainage


Six residents spoke to Pataskala City Council on March 4 about drainage issues on Summit Road at Havens Corners Road and Halloon Lane.

Councilman Mike Compton said he lives in the area and found an engineering study of the drainage issues completed by the EMH&T engineering firm in 2008.

"I'm disappointed something didn't get done," Compton said.

He asked other City Council members to look at the 2008 study and decide if the city could make repairs.

The residents said there is standing water in yards and water crosses the streets in some areas.

They agreed that the drainage issues in the Summit Road area have gotten worse since 2008.

"I've been here four years and it's progressively gotten worse," said James Hunter of Halloon Lane.

Hunter said he can only mow one of his three acres because the rest is too wet.

"The mower sinks in a perfectly level lawn," he said.

Compton said he would continue to pursue a solution.