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Local groups revive Easter egg hunt


Two community organizations have partnered with the Pataskala Parks and Recreation Department to plan the city's first Easter egg hunt in seven years.

"It used to be a part of the city's recreation department and they had taken it away because of funding," said Sarah McGuire, adviser of the Southwest Licking Leo Club. "We decided to bring it back."

The Southwest Licking Leo Club, the Pataskala Recreation Association and the parks and recreation department will hold the egg hunt for children up to age 11 at 2 p.m. Saturday, March 30, at Pataskala Municipal Park. The event will be held rain or shine.

The Southwest Licking Leo Club at Watkins Memorial High School is a division of the Lions Club International and is open to students ages 12 to 18, McGuire said. She said the club has 15 members.

The Pataskala Recreation Association is a nonprofit organization formed in 2009 to support recreational programming in the city. It organizes youth soccer leagues and has supported renovation of city parks.

The two community organizations partnered in the fall on a Halloween costume contest and pumpkin roll that about 100 people attended, McGuire said.

She said they decided to plan another event and came up with the egg hunt. The two groups solicited donations from local businesses to raise the $2,000 needed to organize the event.

The groups will hide more than 4,000 eggs. Each egg will have a number, and children will go to prize bins with the corresponding numbers and choose small trinkets or candy.

Three age groups can participate: toddlers to age 3; ages 4 to 6; and ages 7 to 11.

"These types of events are critical when you think about quality of life," said Pataskala Mayor Steve Butcher. "Having activities where you can meet together is paramount if you're going to have a vibrant community."

Butcher said a local church sponsored an egg hunt for several years before the parks and recreation department took over.

The last time the city sponsored an egg hunt was in 2006.

"There's a whole generation of youth who don't remember these events," McGuire said.

Butcher said the egg hunt would not have been possible without the volunteers from the local organizations.