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Committee mulls potential sign placements to enhance city


Pataskala City Council's Economic Development Committee on May 20 reviewed examples of signs that could be installed in three areas of Pataskala if sufficient funding ever became available.

The city has three distinct areas: the historic village center on Main Street; Columbia Center and the Blanche Addition off Broad Street; and Summit Station at Broad Street and Summit Road.

John Gross of Stantec Engineering recommended three types of signs: a flag-shaped sign on a wooden or metal post used to alert people to a historic or special area; a standard street sign with two blades, one designating the street, the other designating the area it is in; and a small square sign mounted on a wooden or metal post that could be used to designate special attractions in the city.

Gross estimated the flag-shaped area sign could cost $500 to $1,500, the street signs could cost $350 to $500 and the special attraction signs could cost $500 to $1,000.

City Administrator Timothy Boland asked committee members for recommendations so the city has a sign master plan if outside funding could be obtained.

"It's certainly good to have a plan in place if some money comes along," said Dan Hayes, a committee member and Pataskala City Council president.

Boland agreed.

"It's not an expenditure or investment that the administration is suggesting at this time," Boland said.

Hayes asked for the cost to add a second blade to the existing street signs, many of which are new.

"It seems silly to replace signs that we replaced five months ago," Hayes said.

Gross said he would prepare estimates and present them to the committee at a later date.

Hayes asked if the city would include the community reinvestment area designation on area signs, as well, to inform people of special characteristics in the CRA zone.

All three areas of the city have designated CRAs. CRAs allow residential and commercial property owners to receive tax abatements for improvements.

Boland said the committee should consider CRA signs.

Hayes said he liked the idea of putting two to four signs in each of the city's three areas, but wondered if it would be better to purchase one digital sign for each area that also could advertise city information and events.

Hayes said digital signs could be more expensive but might also help the city communicate with residents and alert them to upcoming events.

Boland said he does not have estimates on the cost for a digital sign.

Committee member and City Councilman Bernard Brush said he hoped signs would not further divide the community.

He said what is done in one area must be done in all three.