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Pataskala taps Big 'O' for new trash contract

Tuesday pickup, recycling will be maintained, but rates to decrease


Pataskala will contract with Big "O" Refuse of Newark starting in October, according to city officials at Pataskala City Council's street committee May 20.

City Council approved legislation in March authorizing the bid process and allowing the administration to contract with the lowest bidder for residential trash pickup.

Robert Schroeder, the city's project manager, said four companies bid on the contract.

The lowest bidder was Big "O" Refuse, which will charge residents $11.43 per month, plus a fuel surcharge.

Residents pay $11.67 a month, plus a fuel surcharge, through the city's contract with Waste Management, which expires Sept. 30.

Waste Management's bid would have increased that price to $11.93 per month, plus the fuel surcharge, Schroeder said.

City Administrator Timothy Boland said Pataskala has contracted with Waste Management for nine years, which is why the administration wanted to advertise for bids to see if it could find a lower price for residents.

Schroeder said Big "O" Refuse will provide the same service as Waste Management, picking up trash between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Tuesdays and allowing residents to recycle.

Residents can use their own containers or rent one from Big "O" Refuse for $2.75 a month, $0.25 less than they pay Waste Management, Schroeder said.

Boland said Big "O" has contracts with several other communities, including Buckeye Lake, Coshocton, Granville and Hebron.

Nick Mill of ADR and Associates, which reviewed the bids for Pataskala, said he called Coshocton and Granville, both of whom recommended Big "O" as a good trash hauler.

Boland said city officials did not have any issues with Waste Management and they do not anticipate any issues with Big "O."

Schroeder said the city will sign a three-year contract with Big "O."

City Council member Pat Sagar asked if the city could terminate the contract before the three years if it has issues with the new hauler.

"We can terminate it immediately if there's a real issue," Schroeder said.