Pataskala will install more sidewalks in 2015 on the west side of the city with funds from a state grant.

Pataskala will install more sidewalks in 2015 on the west side of the city with funds from a state grant.

The city was awarded a grant for up to $545,600 through the state's Transportation Alternatives Program to help build 14,250 lineal feet of ADA-compliant trails on both sides of Taylor Road from Havens Corner to Cleveland Avenue. The trail will continue on the north side of Cleveland Avenue to Monarch Street.

Pataskala City Administrator Timothy Boland said it is part of the city's plan for an "overall network of sidewalks and pedestrian paths that eventually would link up and connect the east side and west sides, the Old Village Center with Summit Station."

The city will be responsible for 20 percent of the construction cost and planning and design costs for the project, which is estimated at $194,000, according to the city's project manager Robert Schroeder. The total project cost is projected at $739,600.

The project will connect 526 households with three parks, Schroeder said.

The trail will connect to Freedom Park at the intersection of Havens Corner and Taylor Road and to Citizens Park from the end of the trail at Cleveland Avenue, using residential sidewalks to complete the route.

The path connects to Liberty Park through residential sidewalks at the intersection of Taylor Road and Taylor Glen Boulevard.

There currently is no safe way to get to Freedom Park other than by car, Schroeder said.

The project is slated for fiscal year 2016, which means planning and design will begin in 2014, Boland said.

This year, the city is completing work on a series of sidewalk connections that will connect 3,000 residents between the Thomas J. Evans Foundation Park and Pataskala Municipal Park.

That project, which was bid at $127,905.41, will start south of the Settlement subdivision on the east side of Oak Meadow Drive.

The sidewalk will extend past the Pataskala Square Shopping Center and connect to Broad Street, east of the Dollar General.

Sidewalks will extend east on both sides of Broad Street to the McDonald's and Huntington Bank.

Pedestrians will be able to cross Broad Street at the intersection of Oak Meadow and Vine Street, where the road will be striped as a crosswalk.

The sidewalk will continue south of the intersection on Vine Street, extending into the old parts of downtown Pataskala, where sidewalks are intermittent.

Missing sidewalks will be filled in around Pataskala Elementary School on High, Second, Granville, Cedar and Broadway streets and Tyler Avenue and school crossing signs will be improved around the building with a $480,000 grant from the state's Safe Routes to Schools program.

Once those connections are in place, Boland said, pedestrians will be able to cross Hazleton-Etna Road (state Route 310) and walk to Municipal Park, which connects to the Bright Waters subdivision.