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Pataskala City Council

Street committee adds extra layer of project reviews


The Pataskala street committee voted unanimously in a special meeting Oct. 24 to have City Administrator Timothy Boland sign agreements for three projects.

The committee includes City Council members Mike Compton, Bryan Lenzo and Pat Sagar.

The street committee typically does not review agreements before Boland signs them but the committee was required by Pataskala City Council to review these projects.

City Council on Oct. 21 voted to amend legislation for the three projects and require reviews by the street committee.

Sagar was the only City Council member to vote against both amendments.

The decision came just two weeks after City Council decided Oct. 7 not to renew Boland's contract beyond Dec. 31, 2013.

City Councilman Mike Fox said Oct. 21 the extra review should be required because city officials have been dissatisfied with several road projects.

Residents of the Bright Waters subdivision are the latest to complain about paving in their neighborhood. They spoke to City Council on Oct. 7.

Lenzo, chairman of the street committee, said: "I felt that because of the recent missteps on several large-scale projects, and because the city administrator is in the final months of his contract, that an extra layer of oversight was appropriate given the situation. I believe (Boland) is highly skilled and qualified; however, I believe that in any business it would be appropriate to maintain a high level of scrutiny on all significant projects given our present situation."

The three projects the street committee reviewed are:

* Constructing a multi-use path on Taylor Road from Havens Corners to Cleveland Road and along part of Cleveland Road.

The $739,500 project will receive $545,600 in grants.

It will begin in the summer of 2015 and be constructed by the summer of 2016.

* Repaving state Route 310 from state Route 204 to state Route 161.

The Ohio Department of Transportation is completing the $2.8 million project. Pataskala will be responsible for paving the road within the city limits, which is expected to cost $772,000.

The city is receiving a $616,500 grant to help defray the cost.

The project will be completed in 2016.

* Replacing the Columbia Road Bridge north of Broad Street.

The project is expected to cost $750,900 and the city is receiving $500,720 in grants for the project.

The project will be completed in 2017.