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Fox an 'advocate' for city residents

Sunday December 8, 2013 5:03 PM

To the Editor:

Have you ever noticed the following observations about government?

1. Those who are in power often do not feel it is necessary to share many of critical details that would most impact the citizens.

2. That those in power vote together so often in a united bloc that is makes one wonder if they have any capability to think for themselves.

3. That those in power often seem really irritated when someone who is not in power attempts to ask questions that force key pieces of information out into the light of day for use by the average citizen.

I suspect you think these statements apply to the federal government. While that is true, it is amazing how true they also are for our current Pataskala City Council.

Daniel Hayes, Bryan Lenzo, Merissa McKinstry and Patricia Sagar, my ward representative on council, vote as "one bloc" the vast majority of time, regardless of the issue being considered.

Because it takes only four council members to vote a certain way to get an ordinance passed, they consistently and routinely control Pataskala. As a result, they are not compelled to explain themselves.

To offset this imbalance, it is critical that there must be opposition in advance of their votes. The opposition, more often than not, is Councilman Mike Fox.

Councilman Fox, who virtually always fights for fewer regulations and less spending of our tax dollars, asks all the right questions to force the majority voters on council to explain their views and often their faulty logic.

Councilman Fox cannot control how the votes fall, but he can, and does, do the community a real service by continuing, meeting after meeting, to dredge up important information.

It would be a very sad day for Pataskala if this council ever lacked an advocate for the citizens like Mike Fox.

Deanna J. Roshong