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Little blocks are big hobby for Etna boy

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Tens of thousands of Lego blocks fill the Yuhas home in Etna Township.

"Shelving has been very important," said Kerry Yuhas, mother of the Lego aficionado, 10-year-old Kyle Yuhas.

"We wish he had a bigger room," she joked.

Kyle won't say he's obsessed with Lego kits that allow him to build replicas of the Tower Bridge, a pirate ship or a downtown block of buildings.

But the kits definitely keep him busy.

"I like putting them together, and when I get older I want to be a builder," Kyle said.

His mother said the kits encourage her son, a fifth-grader at Etna Elementary School, to look at future careers.

"It might promote an interest in architecture or being a builder," Kerry Yuhas said. "He's got the mind for it, that's for sure. He's a mathematical kid, anyway."

She said she is amazed at the details the kits allow Kyle to include in his buildings.

Kyle's best efforts recently were on display at the Pataskala Public Library, 101 S. Vine St.

The street block Kyle built was large and intricate.

On closer inspection of the buildings, one can see that each building has staircases, lights and occupants. Flower boxes contain two- to three-piece Lego flowers, and front and rear doors are operable.

The exhibit was in one of three patron display cases at the library.

"We've had all kinds of people come in with displays, mostly collections," said Mary Kruse, assistant library director.

Displays rotate monthly, Kruse said.

Currently, the library is displaying small metal bicycles handcrafted by Stan Anderson and the West Licking Historical Society's exhibit of popular transportation methods used from 1936 to 1999.

Kyle's display was replaced last week with a collection of Christmas cards sent to the library by Will Hillenbrand.

Kyle said he started building with Legos at age 5. Since then, he's built everything from houses and cars to city blocks.

The Tower Bridge he built has more than 4,000 pieces and took him a week to put together, he said.