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Pataskala officials: Planning director 'no longer with the city'


Eric Fischer, Pataskala’s planning director, was working Monday morning, March 3, when he returned phone calls to ThisWeek but he had left his job by Monday afternoon, according to city officials.

Interim City Administrator Nathan Coey confirmed that Fischer was "no longer with the city" around 2 p.m., but he declined to comment on if Fischer had resigned or was fired.

Mayor Mike Compton said he, too, had heard Fischer had left and he could provide no further details.

Fischer, who was the assistant development director for Powell, started working in Pataskala June 10, 2013.

Compton said the administrator hires the planning director. He said it will be up to Coey how to proceed.

Pataskala's charter defines the administrator's powers in section 501.4(B) to "appoint, promote and, when he or she deems it necessary for the good of the service, suspend or remove or otherwise discipline all subordinate employees and appointive administrative officers, except as otherwise provided for by or under this charter, subject to the provisions of this charter pertaining to the merit system" and "direct and supervise the administration of all departments, offices and agencies of the city."

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