Pataskala's ad-hoc search committee met Friday, April 18, to review 17 applicants for the city administrator's position.

Pataskala's ad-hoc search committee met Friday, April 18, to review 17 applicants for the city administrator's position.

The committee includes City Council members Tim Hickin, Dan Hayes and Melissa Gibson.

Hickin, the committee chairman, said he developed a scoring rubric to be used as part of the candidates' evaluations.

"It's a rudimentary scoring system that I hope will let the cream of applicants rise to the top," Hickin said.

The rubric was based on information from the recruitment profile, prepared by finance director James Nicholson with input from the committee. It required a "four-year degree in public administration, political science, business management or a closely related field" with a preference to candidates with a master's degree in public administration or a related field and a minimum of five years' experience in "municipal government operations."

Hickin said he added credits for applicants who have knowledge of the city, which is something other City Council members mentioned.

The 17 applicants are:

* Anthony Bales of Hudson, an economic-development specialist for the city of Kent.

* Patti Bates of Milford, administrator for the village of Williamsburg.

* Denny Blair of Albany, Ga., a downtown manager for the city of Albany.

* Gary Burkholder of Pataskala, administrator of the village of Hartford.

* Jon Campbell of Otsego, Mich., an Allegan County commissioner.

* Larry Collins of Rockledge, Fla., Brevard County fire chief.

* Steve DeBolt of Whispering Pines, N.C., golf administrator for Hyland Golf Club.

* Donna Dettling of Gregory, Mich., manager of the village of Dexter.

* Edward Drobina of Carroll, service director for the city of Pickerington.

* Richard Giroux of Sebring, city manager of Sebring.

* Steven Golnar of Loveland, city manager of the city of Rawlins, Wyo., through April 2013.

* Alan Grindstaff of Maize, Kansas, a senior consultant with ALG Consulting.

* Alan Lanning of Steamboat Springs, Colo., city manager for Central City.

* Gregory McIntyre of Morrow, director of business operations for the Charles H. McIntyre Funeral Home in Felicity.

* Randy Morris of Pickerington, director of member services for the National Business Incubation Association in Athens County.

* Dennis Recker of Whitehouse Valley, a council member for the village of Whitehouse.

* Robert Schaumleffel of Westerville, town manager for Red Springs, N.C., through April 2012.

Hickin said the applicants would be given an average score based on the rubric and the committee will choose a number of candidates to interview.

Hickin said he hopes to have scores compiled in the rubric by Monday, April 21.

He said the committee on April 18 talked about the interview process, developing a list of interview questions and determining if the city should interview out-of-state candidates in-person or by phone. If interviews must be in person, Hickin said, the committee needs to decide if the city will reimburse for travel expenses.

The job posting lists the salary between $80,000 and $110,000, with the potential for residency incentives if the person moves to the city.

Pataskala's utilities director, Nathan Coey, is acting city administrator in place of Timothy Boland, who left in December after City Council declined to renew his contract.